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generator do i need for a travel trailer

How Big of a Generator Do I Need for A Travel Trailer

A good-sized generator when planning to camp in an RV travel trailer is mandatory. A generator with 12000watt is enough to power appliances like air conditioners, fridges, refrigerators, and much more. Let’s find out more about an RV generator that can help you run your appliances in an RV! What Is an RV Generator? It […]

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Can A Portable Generator Charge A Tesla

Can A Portable Generator Charge A Tesla?

Yes, you can use a portable generator to charge a Tesla.  But there are various other factors that you also need to keep in mind while using this unit. It might sound crazy that you can charge your Tesla and electric vehicle with a portable generator. So, you might end up using a portable gas-powered […]

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Will A 4000 Watt Generator Run A Well Pump?

What Can A 4000 Watt Generator Handle

Generators are used for backup power when the main power line fails for any reason. Generators have varying output wattages. They can run different appliances at once. You can use a generator to power your refrigerator, home entertainment, etc., whenever required. But what to do when you have a generator that falls in the medium […]

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What Happens If You Don't Ground A Generator

What Happens If You Don’t Ground A Generator?

Generators are a critical source of power. You can use them in any situation to provide backup power. Whether it’s natural calamities or simple power maintenance, generators will be up to do the job. But, even if these generators are saviors, you still need to take safety precautions, such as grounding a generator. If you […]

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Does A Standby Generator Need A Ground Rod

Does A Standby Generator Need A Ground Rod?

Not necessarily, because according to the National Electric Code, you need a conductor. It will provide a return path to the fault that should be installed with your generator feeder. In standby mode, the grounded conductor (neutral) is switched directly to the generator source. So, in either position of your transfer switch, your electrical system […]

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Will A Portable Generator Run A Heat Pump

Will Portable Generators Run a Heat Pump?

Portable generators are not designed to power large systems like electric furnaces or heat pumps. But some portable generators are capable of running mid-sized heat pumps. This will depend highly on the wattages of the heat pump system and portable generator unit. In this guide, we’ll find out whether portable generators can power heat pumps […]

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Will A Portable Generator Run A Welder

Will A Portable Generator Run A Welder?

It is better to complete your welding project on the field instead of in the shop. But for that, you will need a portable generator. And the good thing is, modern welders and generators have become quite powerful and compact too. Therefore, welding at remote sites has become much easier. But you need to know […]

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Do Portable Generators Have Alternators

Do Portable Generators Have Alternators?

Yes, portable generators have alternators that convert direct current into alternating current and then back into direct current. Your portable generator produces DC (direct current). In contrast, an alternator is a device inside the portable generator that produces AC (alternate current). Your portable generator uses its onboard alternator to generate an alternate current. It then […]

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do portable generators have batteries

Do Portable Generators Have Batteries?

Yes! Portable generators come with batteries, but only those which need an electric start. Conventional generators have a pull start mechanism, so they might not need the battery. However, electric start is the only reason why portable generators are becoming famous. They are easy to drag, carry around, and used to power up appliances in […]

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Connect a Generator To Your House Without A Transfer Switch

Can You Connect a Generator To Your House Without A Transfer Switch?

If you live in States where you need to use backup power from time to time. As in Florida, where hurricanes wipe power out for days at a time, generators can save the day. After getting a generator, comes the tricky part of connecting it to your home grid. The safest and easiest way to […]

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