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How Do You Size A Generator For Your House

How Do You Size A Generator For Your House?

Generators are bought based on power output which is measured in watts. It all depends on the power required to deliver enough light and running appliances. Generators are the prime source of offering you power during power outages. But for the maximum power supply, you need a properly sized generator that runs all appliances in […]

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What Are The Different Sizes Of Generators

What Are the Different Sizes of Generators?

There are mainly four different sizes of generators small, medium, large, and Industrial. Each one comes in varied sizes and features having its particular advantages. You can choose any of them considering your requirements of size, wattage, and capacity. The small ones are appropriate for domestic usage; a high-capacity workload is managed well through the […]

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Is An Inverter Generator Better for RV

Is An Inverter Generator Better for RV?

Inverter generators are small, light, and quiet in comparison to conventional generators. They are a better choice, but only if you want to run low-power devices. Generators have quite a few types in various categories with different capacities. Some units run on different types of fuels. But another categorization can be done, and that is […]

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Do You Need A Transfer Switch For A Portable Generator

Do You Need A Transfer Switch For A Portable Generator?

All generators rated 5000W or above need a transfer switch. It is a small board that resembles a circuit breaker panel, a bit away from the actual thing. Standby or stationary generators come with an inbuilt transfer switch that automatically turns on when the power goes out. Portable generators tend to be in high demand […]

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Do I Need To Ground A Portable Generator

Do I Need To Ground A Portable Generator?

Generally, portable generators are safe to run than other tools. But you still need to take some precautionary measures to keep everything safe. One of such measures is grounding your portable generator and determining how to do it right. Not all portable generators must be grounded, while others only have to be grounded under certain […]

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Does A Portable Generator Charge Its Own Battery

Does A Portable Generator Charge Its Own Battery?

Not all generators can charge their batteries during the process. The conventional generators can charge their battery while they are in operation. But this is not the case when it comes to portable generators. Most of them will require you to have a trickle charger to plug into the main power. This is the best […]

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Can You Store A Portable Generator Outside

Can You Store A Portable Generator Outside?

Yes! You can store a portable generator outside, but you would need to cover it completely and enclose it in a box to prevent it from water and dust damage. Life can become challenging when the power supply goes out. But a portable generator comes in handy as it offers you an uninterrupted power supply. […]

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Can You Hook Up A Portable Generator To Your House

Can You Hook Up A Portable Generator To Your House?

Yes. A portable generator is what you may need next time your house goes dark. You can easily hook up a portable generator to your house if you know all the steps. To save yourself from the hassle of a power outage, you need a good generator for your house. Connecting a generator to your […]

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Can A Portable Generator Run A Refrigerator

Can A Portable Generator Run A Refrigerator?

Yes, practically speaking, you can run a refrigerator on a generator. Running any appliance with a generator’s help when the power outage occurs seems simple and easy, but it isn’t. You may think that fuel is the only thing required to run any appliance from a generator. Well, it’s not true! There are many other […]

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What Is A Portable Generator

What Is A Portable Generator?

A portable generator can produce power to run tools and appliances when you need electricity in remote areas. These generators run on diesel, propane, or gasoline and include two electrical outlets. Portable generators are more than a blessing in times of power outage. Isn’t it horrible to spend a couple of days without a power […]

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