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What Is A Portable Generator

What Is A Portable Generator?

A portable generator can produce power to run tools and appliances when you need electricity in remote areas. These generators run on diesel, propane, or gasoline and include two electrical outlets. Portable generators are more than a blessing in times of power outage. Isn’t it horrible to spend a couple of days without a power […]

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Can You Charge An Electric Vehicle With A Portable Generator

Can You Charge An Electric Vehicle With A Portable Generator?

Does charging your electric vehicle with a portable generator go well? The answers are different for everyone according to their preferences. But we can clearly say yes to this question. The results might not be fantastic, but you can charge your electric vehicle. The idea works if you follow appropriate steps. This will help you […]

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Can You Run A Tv On A Portable Generator

Can You Run A Tv On A Portable Generator?

The technology has advanced so much that you can even use TV on a generator. Generators directly are not the best way to watch TV, though. For that, you’d need to use a voltage regulator. It will ensure the appropriate current in a stable voltage to your TV. You have to make sure it doesn’t […]

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Portable Generators Made In The USA

What Portable Generators Are Made In The USA? American Made Generators

In recent years US consumers have become more concerned about the make of their products. Are they made in the Philippines, Europe, China, or the USA? Whether manufacturing a portable generator or a portable inverter generator – we will compare the leading generators made in the USA. You’ll come across various brands, some of which […]

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Portable Generators Regulate Voltage

How Do Portable Generators Regulate Voltage?

Portable generators regulate voltage through an AVR or inverter. There are two types: traditional and inverter-type generators. Traditional generators rely on Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs) to regulate the output voltage. They’re typically heavier and more powerful than inverter generators. Inverter generators, on the other hand, are famous for their cleaner power output. So, how does […]

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Life Expectancy Of A Portable Generator

What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Portable Generator?

Portable generators have a less lifespan than standby generators. But the overall life depends on the type of generator and engine quality. You can expect the portable generator to last for around 1000-2000 hours. Whenever you plan on buying a portable generator, you are investing a considerable sum of money ranging between $250-$2500. Other than […]

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What Can You Use A Generator for When Camping

What Can You Use A Generator for When Camping?

You can keep the batteries charged, light the way, pump the tunes, stay connected by charging your smart devices and keep the bugs away using the electronic pest repellents. Your whole recreational weekend can turn downhill if you find yourself looking for dry wood for cooking. Or you are trying to keep yourself safe from […]

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Can You Run Portable Generators Continuously

Can You Run Portable Generators Continuously?

Generators are such handy pieces of equipment when you’re camping outdoors. So it’s natural for most people to want to run them 24/7. But can you run portable generators continuously? The short answer is “yes,” but with some catches. You can only run the generator for as long as it doesn’t run out of fuel. […]

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Will A 12000 Watt Generator Run A House?

Nothing is more daunting than being less prepared at the time of the blackout. It would be best if you invest in a perfect 12000-watt generator. The generator works efficiently to run all appliances, e.g., furnaces, refrigerators, and air conditioners. A 12000-watt generator’s working depends on the house’s size and the appliances you run. The […]

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How Do I Choose A Generator for Camping

How Do I Choose A Generator for Camping?

Power outputs, portability, fuel type, noise level, and usage are a few things you need to keep in mind while choosing a generator for camping. After living a life in the same routine, some people are hit with boredom. They look for something new, a recreational trip in the woods or weekend getaways from city […]

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