Can Portable Generators Run on Natural Gas?

  • By: Umer.A
  • Date: November 18, 2021
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If you are wondering whether the portable generators run on natural gas or not? Yes, you can run portable generators on natural gas.

Generators are the ultimate choice to run all your appliances during a power breakdown. With the diverse range of portable generators available on the market, you must be wondering whether they run on natural gas or not.

To help you clear out all the confusion, let’s find out can portable generators run on natural gas.

How efficient are natural gas generators?

Natural gas generators are standard generators. They are for power during emergencies and are considered effective means of generating electricity during a power outage.

In addition, they are cleaner and considered less expensive. Moreover, there is no such emission of nitrogen, sulfur, or carbon dioxide as other fuels like coal or oils. This indicates that natural gas generators are the cleanest fuels for generating electricity.

That’s not all! Natural gas generators do not lead to pungent odor.

How long do natural gas generators last?

The duration for natural gas generators varies based on the type and size of the generators, but most commonly, they last for around 10-15 years.

Are natural gas generators loud?

The noise of the generator is primarily affected by the muffler design and enclosure. In addition, the generator’s noise is impacted because of the radiator, engine mechanical, and the exhausted sound levels.

The natural gas generators come with less mechanical noise, but the sound of the generators is also affected by their packaging.

Overall, natural gas generators are less noisy.

Which is better, propane or natural gas?

When we talk about both these gases, you must know the primary difference that propane is the part of natural gas.

So, when we speak about which gas is better, have a look at both of them.

Propane gas is a liquid petroleum gas that delivers extra BTUs and is the fuel that effectively runs home appliances.

Natural gas is a type of fossil fuel. But, on the other hand, natural gas needs no delivery as it’s always available in your pipeline. So, if you have infrastructure at home, it’s best to stick to natural gas.

So, which gas to go for depends on your lifestyle and the immediate setup you have at home. Both are similar in colorless and odorless, but propane is more energy-efficient than natural gas.

How long can a natural gas generator run continuously?

If we talk theoretically, the natural gas generators can run for unlimited durations as the gas pipelines offer an endless supply of gas to the users.

However, in practice, natural gas generators need maintenance, and for routine use, you need to change oil filters and engine oil.

Can I run my propane generator on natural gas?

No, it’s not possible to run the propane generators on natural gas. The propane generators’ orifice needs some changing to allow different pressures of the natural gas. Most of the propane appliances come with natural gas conversion kits. You need to eliminate the propane regulator and open up the demand regulator with a wider opening. This works for natural gas.

You can use a natural gas carburetor, an ingenious piece that injects the right amount of gas with ultimate pressures within the generator.

Can a dual fuel generator run on natural gas?

There is a vast range of generators available on the market; some run on natural gas only, while others run both on propane or natural gas or gasoline and diesel. When we talk about portable generators, it isn’t easy to find a generator that runs on natural gas only. Mostly you’ll find dual fuel generators on the market.

Dual fuel generators can run on both natural gas and propane both. In addition, they come with conversion kits that allow easy acceptance of natural gas.

Is it cheaper to run a generator on natural gas?

Natural gas is best for powering portable generators at times of emergency. Moreover, with the dropping prices of natural gas on the market than diesel and gasoline, natural gas is comparatively cheaper, making it an ideal choice for running the generators.

Do natural gas generators produce carbon monoxide?

During the last few years, there has been a great demand for clean gas sources, and it’s because of this reason, people mostly rely on natural gas generators. Natural gas is one of the leading cleaner gases that does not emit excessive harmful gases.

Natural gas is a greenhouse gas and is known as methane. It emits few emissions, but they are comparatively less and result in low pollutants than diesel. The standard emissions resulting from burning natural gas include mercury, sulfur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides with certain particulates.

What is the best portable natural gas generator?

Champion Power Equipment is one of the best natural gas generators because it allows dual fuels, including propane and gasoline. What you’ll love regarding this generator is that it’s an excellent value for money. It offers less noise pollution and comes with a cold start technology. Moreover, it comes with a low oil shut-off sensor and is lightweight. Plus, it comes with a longer runtime.

If you have a limited budget and seeking to invest in a natural gas generator, Champion Power Equipment is the perfect fit as it comes with efficient running power. In addition, this generator comes at a lower price and helps you run heavy-duty appliances with a relatively low noise level of around 68db. The only downside you might experience with this generator is it lacks any wheels.

What is the largest portable natural gas generator?

Generac is one of the largest portable natural gas generators, which delivers around 17500 watts. So, you can now tackle the biggest jobs, too, with ease while using this generator.

Natural gas generators are an excellent choice because they come with rigid cradles and covered outlets. So, utilize this generator now to cover all your needs at times of power outage


Portable generators tend to be less costly than standby generators. The best part about portable generators is they can run on gasoline. Here’s the best part about portable generators, you can use them anytime, anywhere.

However, it’s best to avoid keeping the generators in enclosed spaces as they result in quick carbon monoxide production, which is quite harmful. Keep the portable generators away from the home or different equipment.