Can You Store A Portable Generator Outside?

  • By: Umer.A
  • Date: October 10, 2021
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Can You Store A Portable Generator Outside
Yes! You can store a portable generator outside, but you would need to cover it completely and enclose it in a box to prevent it from water and dust damage.

Life can become challenging when the power supply goes out. But a portable generator comes in handy as it offers you an uninterrupted power supply.

Many people do not have enough space inside the house to place a generator. The best way for them is to store the generator outside, but you need to store it without affecting its efficiency.

Importance of Generator Storage:

As the generator is an expensive item, you don’t want to buy it frequently. Thus, you must take all the necessary steps to keep it safe. Proper steps ensure you will reuse the generator with the same efficacy and effectiveness.

Storing a generator in a safe place ensures a constant supply of power whenever you need some. It is crucial to store the generator correctly, especially in an erratic climate.

It’s not always the water that damages the efficiency of the generator. A hot garage may also lead to ruining the efficiency of the generator. If not taken proper care of, spillage could also impair the performance.

Whether it is heavy rain, thunderstorm, freezing temperature, or boiling climate, it is necessary to keep your generator safe. Proper storage can give it a longer life and a higher efficiency level.

What Are Storage Options Available?

It is possible to store a generator outside the house. However, you need to ensure the type of generator, the kind of fuel, and the intensity at which you will operate it. Once you know all these, it will get easier to store the generator outside.

When it comes to storing a generator, there are quite some effective options available. A new generator can stay at any place for one to two weeks, without any issue. However, it’s necessary to ensure the place is clean and dry so that humidity doesn’t affect it.

For some people, the long-term putting away from the generator gets necessary at times. For long-term storage, you need to get it serviced by a professional. Moreover, to ensure its safety, you have to remove all the fuel from it. However, if you want to keep the fuel intact for future use, you should get your hands on a stabilizer.

You have to consider the place where you would be keeping the generator. As already discussed, it could have been an outdoor space. You can place it in the garage, an outdoor shed, or a customized generator enclosure. This will keep moisture and dust particles from finding their way into the generator and affecting its efficiency.

How to Determine If A Storage Option Is Compatible with Your Generator?

When not in use, you may want to ensure no harm is inflicted on it. And it starts working just like before once you want to operate it again.

In case you have a proper garage or shed to keep your generator safe, you don’t need to worry. However, if you have to buy new storage, you must be well aware of your generator’s type and model. These will save you from the hassle of having to change or replace it later on.

The storage you may buy for the generator can be a universal one or the one that is manufactured specifically for your generator. However, when choosing the latter, it is necessary to be fully aware of the model and the generator’s specifications.

Once you choose the storage according to the generator’s type, you need to ensure it is appropriate for long-term usage. In this case, a little extra money spent on buying quality storage will keep your generator work for longer.

What Should I Do Before Long-Term Storage?

What Should I Do Before Long-Term Storage

In case you want to store your generator for the long term, you may need to go some extra miles to ensure its efficiency. If you have a solar generator, you may not have to worry about dealing with the fuel leftovers.

However, if you have the one that works on fuel, there are some extra steps you need to take while storing the portable generator for the long term.

Thorough Cleansing:

Before you store the generator for an extended period, it is necessary to clean it thoroughly. This is to ensure that no traces of dirt or dust remain hiding in it. For that, the manual of instructions that came with the generator may be of great help. Follow its instructions, and you would be able to tidy up the generator methodically.

External and Internal Vacuuming:

Vacuuming the generator both from inside and outside is essential to remove all kinds of bugs from it. If you feel like you can do that yourself, you can always hire a professional for that matter. Nonetheless, ensuring proper vacuuming of the generator is indeed imperative.

Fuel Disposal:

Removing all the traces of fuel from the generator before putting it up for storage is necessary. However, if you want to keep it for future use, you may need a stabilizer. The stabilizer will give it a longer shelf life than usual. It will also ensure it’s working once you take your generator out from the storage.

Generators Must Be Cleaned and Drained of Fuel Before Long-Term Storage:

The steps of cleaning the generators and removing all the fuel are indeed necessary. There are many reasons why you must not ignore them before storing the generator:

  • The remains of dust will get sturdier with time. Once you try to use the generator again after a long storage period, its efficacy may not remain the same.
  • Cleansing the generator thoroughly before storing it will keep it safe from rust and corrosion.
  • The removal of fuel will ensure that no accident occurs while the generator is up for storage.

Take Your Climate into Consideration Before Storage:

Hot Climates:

In hot climates, it may get challenging to maintain the safety of the generator. Therefore, it is necessary to opt for a shield to keep the heat away and affecting its performance.

Cold Climates

Like the hot climate, the cold climate may also lead to diminishing the generator’s utility. To keep your product workable, secure, and solid storage options should opt.

Wet Climates:

Raining climates lead to making the generator vulnerable to moisture entering the generator and ruining its performance. Thus, while living in such a condition, it is imperative to opt for secure shields to cover the generator.

Can I Leave My Portable Generator Outside?

Yes, you can leave your portable generator outside for a short period. However, for longer durations, a shield is necessary to protect it.

Where Should I Store My Portable Generator?

You can store your portable generator inside a shed or a garage to keep it workable for long.

How Do You Protect A Portable Generator From Rain?

A strong shield would not allow the rain to enter the generator and affect its workability.

Can You Leave A Generator Outside In Winter?

Yes, the generator can be left outside in the winter but only under a solid shield.

Can You Store A Generator In The Backyard?

Yes, after a proper shield is placed on the generator, you can store it in the backyard.


While leaving the generator outside for a long duration, you should consider its efficiency once it’s taken out for working again. However, considering the tips and tricks while storing the portable generator, you can easily keep its effectiveness.