Do Portable Generators Have Oil Filters?

  • By: Umer.A
  • Date: October 10, 2021
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Yes, portable generators have oil filters. These filters continuously filter the tiny metal pieces, dirt, and debris. As a result, your generator’s performance increases that help it run more efficiently.

Replacement of oil filters with old oil is among the regular maintenance practices that will make your generator a reliable companion during the stormy season.

How Do I Change the Oil Filter In My Generator?

If you plan to change the oil in your generator, you should replace the oil filter as well. Generator users don’t usually change oil filters with oil to save some bucks. But, filtering new oil from old oil filters is not the best idea. If you replace the filter with oil, it can increase the lifespan of the generator.

You’d require the oil filter pliers for the job. Grab the oil filter into the pliers, and loosen it slowly. Once it is loose, unscrew it manually. Keep a drain pan underneath the filter because oil can pour down from the filter. You might want to use gloves because the oil can be hot.

Clean the oil filter adapter’s seals for any debris that may cause problems when sealing it. Before installing the new oil filter, slightly lubricate it with the new engine oil. Manually fix the screw until the gasket comes in contact with the filter adapter. Grab your plier to tighten the filter by a half-turn. Remember, over-tightening can damage the filter because it is quite fragile.

How Often Do You Change the Oil in A Portable Generator?

Over time, generator oil gets dirty. It will break down into sludge. This will, in turn, decrease the oil’s lubrication capability. Changing oil is essential if you need to use the generator every day or at close intervals. Experts recommend changing the oil after every 100 hours of use or after every season.

Generator experts recommend changing/replacing the generator oil after every 100 hours of use.

How Do I Change the Oil in My Generator?

Replacing the old oil is the primary maintenances that make your generator function properly for a long time. The new oil in your will ensure an easy start. Replacing generator oil is an easy process that anyone can do. Just make sure you have your owner’s manual for information on oil filters, etc.

Before starting, make sure you have protective gloves and glasses. Heat the oil by running the generator for a few minutes. It is necessary because the hot oil has a higher liquid consistency. Then place your portable generator on blocks so you can access the oil plug underneath it. Before draining the old oil, remember to remove the spark wire to ensure there won’t be any engine’s accidental start.

Place any container to collect the old used oil and remove the oil plug. We recommend using a ⅜” socket and ratchet for the plug. Be prepared because as soon as you remove the oil plug, it will start flowing out. This oil will not have a boiling temperature, but it will be hot enough to cause minor burns. After completely draining the oil, replace the oil filter as explained above.

Then you’re good to refill it with new oil. But first, you should tighten the oil plug. Reconnect the spark plug and let your generator run for a while.

Make sure you dispose of the used motor oil and oil filter. We’d recommend you dispose of them at the nearest auto parts shop.

Do Portable Generators Need Oil?

Yes, every functioning engine requires motor oil to lubricate its moving components. If the components are not properly lubricated, then they get worn out.

Generator engines require motor oil to provide backup electricity; once they have enough oil, the engine functions properly and can increase its longevity.

Why Do Generators Burn Oil?

Whenever the oil gauge has decreased oil level, this is a sign that your generator is burning oil. A generator burns oil because of many reasons. The most common is a failure in the engine’s seal. The seal can’t stop engine oil from climbing into the cylinder walls.

To change the seals, you might have to remove the valve cover depending on the type of engine in your generator. Or, you would have to remove the head to access the seals.

The oil can sneak into the combustion chamber due to the condition of the piston rings. Engine repair shops can do pressure tests. Once it is confirmed, getting a technician to disassemble and reassemble it completely is a great idea. Or, you might have to change the whole system too.

generator oil-filter

Do Honda Generators Have Oil Filters?

Yes, like every other engine, the Honda generators have oil filters. These filters maintain the quality of the oil that is circulating in the engine. According to the experts, oil filters in Honda generators should be replaced with each oil change. Failing to do so can result in a jam in the generator engine.

Are There Any Generators Without Oil Filters?

No, there aren’t any generators that produce electricity without an oil filter. An oil filter is necessary for every engine because it filters out impurities from the motor oil. Without it, the oil will wear out much more often than usual. Sometimes after as low as 10 hours of use.

How Often Do You Change the Oil in Portable Generators?

The oil inside a generator gets worn out after time. If the generator is not appropriately maintained, it can get sluggish. Experts suggest that you change the oil after at least 100 hours of regular use. But if it is sitting idle in your garage, you can change the oil after every season. Either way, the best option would be to consult the owner’s manual for an oil change.

Can You Leave the Oil in A Generator?

Yes, you can leave the oil in a generator when storing it. But before storing, make sure there are no leaks in the engine. And it is in good condition. Make sure to check the oil levels in the generator. Because once you store it, the next time you take it out will be in an emergency. You won’t wait to check its fuel gauge.

Can A Generator Run Without an Oil Filter?

Yes, a generator can run without an oil filter. But it can function for 20 hours at most. After that, the generator will require an oil change. Else, its components will catch debris and may start consuming more gas.


The oil filter plays a vital role in the generator. It filters the motor oil of impurities and ensures you don’t frequently change the oil. Even then, you should change the motor oil after 100 hours of use.

The oil filter itself isn’t immune to wear and tear. Manufacturers recommend that you should change the oil filter while replacing the motor oil. This way, your generator will have an increased lifespan. To change the oil filter, you should remove the old one and lubricate the new oil filter with new motor oil for proper functioning.