What Can You Use A Generator for When Camping?

  • By: Umer.A
  • Date: October 10, 2021
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You can keep the batteries charged, light the way, pump the tunes, stay connected by charging your smart devices and keep the bugs away using the electronic pest repellents.

Your whole recreational weekend can turn downhill if you find yourself looking for dry wood for cooking. Or you are trying to keep yourself safe from bugs at night. That is where a generator comes in. Generators are a great source of electricity while camping. They can power essential electric appliances to save you from troubles.

Uses of The Generator While Camping:

Portable Generators are not only useful at homes whenever there’s a power failure. They can be a great source of electricity when camping in the woods. Whenever you’re camping for recreational purposes, you’d choose the most remote place. There may be no electricity source. Therefore, it is necessary to bring a portable generator.

Using a generator while camping can also make your sleep comfortable. If you don’t want to sweat and wake up at night, you can use electric fans in your tent. It can also keep your equipment charged for a long time.

Keep the Batteries Charged:

While camping, you are mostly away from any power source. This might seem refreshing that you are free from worries. But while camping with family and friends, there would be certain things to capture. These digital photography devices won’t last forever. At one point or another, you might want to charge their batteries to use them further.

For this, you can use a portable generator. It can provide enough electricity so that you can charge your electronic appliances. This way, you won’t miss any moment.

Light the Way:

Camping sites get dark at night, and it becomes arduous to perform any task in pitch black conditions. Therefore, generators can light up the campsite and enable you to cook effortlessly. You can later turn off the generator to enjoy a peaceful sleep.

Lighting up campsites at night is quite useful if you have kids with you. They can easily play and get back home with the help of the camp’s lights. And it also helps prevent any mishap, making sure you and your belongings are safe.

Pump the Tunes:

If you are with your friends or family, the camping trip will require entertainment when you’re partying. A portable generator can keep tunes going on all day and night. It can charge your speakers’ batteries while you’re resting under the fans.

You can set up a theater with a portable generator. It will power the speakers and your projectors. These projectors are lightweight and portable compared to TVs. A movie night under the stars will be worth remembering.

Enjoy A Little Bit of Luxury:

Everyone loves roasted meals over a campfire while camping. But when it comes to some specific dishes, they are quicker and easier to cook. Generators can keep your fridge cool to store food items. 

If you want to give yourself some luxury by brewing coffee, a generator can give you access to these. You can bring an electric stove or coffee brewer.

Heating water on an electric kettle can be a bonus point. You won’t have to go and look for dry woods as they can heat water faster.

Stay Connected:

At a campsite, the biggest fear is losing contact with the rest of the world. A generator helps you keep in contact with emergency services. It can keep your mobile phones charged so that you can contact a helpline in case of any need.

But that’s not all!

If you want to keep in touch with your friends and family, generators can be of great help. They keep your electronic devices charged, such as tablets and laptops.

Comfortable Sleep:

Portable and rechargeable fans can help you sleep peacefully on a camping trip. They can be charged on generators and run throughout the night. This way, you won’t find yourself sweating at night and have a comfortable sleep.

If you use a quiet generator, you can get an uninterrupted power source to keep your fan’s batteries charged. It keeps you from anxiety or worry about the battery capacity.

Bugs Free Zone:

Whenever you are camping in the woods, bugs can be uninvited guests that everyone hates. They will invade your camping site and ruin your sleep. You can connect an electric bug zapper to keep the bugs in check. Other than that, an electronic bug repeller will be of great help. It emits high-frequency waves that force bugs to avoid the area.

If you close your tent from bugs, you’d feel as if you’re suffocating in the heat. Generators can keep your fan running so that you can read a book at night or sleep comfortably.

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Why Do You Need A Generator for Camping?

Unless you are a camping veteran that wants to spend his weekend in the Bear Grylls style, a generator can be a great help. Newbie campers aren’t accustomed to sleeping at night without any cooling source, such as fans in the woods. A generator can also keep your gadgets charged for use. You can also bring in a generator for the refrigerator to store your food.

Can I Charge My Battery Pack from The Generator?

Yes, a generator can charge your battery pack. If you are using an inverter generator, they have 12v DC outlets that you can connect to your batteries. If you have a conventional generator that produces AC, you can plug in a battery charger to charge them.

Batteries experts suggest using a battery charger instead of an inverter generator with a DC outlet. Because the 12v DC charge is regulated in a charger for batteries.

What Type of Oil Do You Recommend for My Camping Generator? Where Can I Get the Oil?

Generator oils come in different viscosity levels. Viscosity is the thickness of the oil. The higher viscosity oil is for hot temperatures, while the lower viscosity oil is used in colder temperatures.

The best oil for camping generators is the one recommended in the owner’s manual. Other than that, the 10W-30 or 10W-40 viscosity level oils are compatible too.

Is It Possible to Connect Two Generators to Increase the Power Capacity?

Yes, it is possible to connect two generators. This feature is usually mentioned in the owner’s manual that comes with the generator. If your generators are compatible, you can get a parallel kit to increase their output.


Camping sets your mind free from daily life hassles. Bringing a generator can bump up that relaxation. You can bring home appliances such as rechargeable fans and electric stoves. Generators can charge your cell phones and cameras if you want to capture every moment of it.

Generators can also end up creating a lot of noise pollution. So, we recommend getting a quiet model and protect yourself from noise.