What Size Generator Do I Need for Tent Camping?

  • By: Umer.A
  • Date: January 9, 2022
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Consider what appliances you want to run during tent camping. Calculate peak power and average wattage of your appliances. Once you have calculated the consumption, you can buy a generator with enough power to meet your requirements.

Recharging the batteries or running appliances on a camping trip is a daunting task. You need a good backup in the form of a generator that works well for the camping site.

Dive in now to find out all about what size generator you need for tent camping.

What Appliances Do You Want to Run?

Next up, once you plan to invest in a generator for tent camping, you must ensure appliances you will be running on that generator.

For instance, common appliances run on portable generators require the following watts. Cell phone chargers need 10 watts, Christmas lights need 20 watts, and laptop needs 75 watts.

Furthermore, iPhone and other cell phones need 80 watts, 13-inch TV needs 100 watts, radio or CD player needs 100 watts, and it varies based on the appliances.

How Do I Calculate What Size Generator I Need?

When we talk about the size, it’s the machine which you can easily transport. So, how do you identify the right size of the generator? Calculate the total amount of watts you use by adding the power watts. Each item needs to range between 120 watts for running portable fans and 1600 watts for a hairdryer. The more devices you run, the more watts you need.



Wattage is classified into continuous power, also known as running watts. It is the wattage to operate appliances under any average load.

On the other hand, extra peak power, known as startup watts, is extra wattage. They are helpful for the startup of appliances running at a high-power consumption level.

Power Usage:

The power usage of a generator defined wattage rating that is broken down into maximum power and rated power. This represents the power of a generator produced over a longer duration with around 90% load.

What Noise Level is Acceptable for Camping?

Noise is another significant consideration that you should seek while buying the generator for camping. Whether you add extra padding or pillows to the camp, you need a less noisy generator. It is essential for a peaceful time within the woods.

The noise of a generator is measured within decibels. Machines generating noise between 50-60db are acceptable.

Fuel Efficiency:

Different type of generators needs a different fuel type. Some fuels are cost-effective, whereas others are more energy-efficient, offering enough run time.

Gas, for instance, is an easily accessible type of fuel that is inexpensive but burns faster.

LP, also known as liquid propane, allows easy storage. It’s comparatively 10% lesser than other fuel types when talking about its fuel efficiency.

Diesel burns cleaner and offers more power than propane.

The most common fuel type in RVers is propane and gas. They offer consistent jobs with good fuel efficiency. Propane comes with a fuel efficiency of around 91,500 BTUs for each gallon. At the same time, gas leads to 125000 BTUs. Propane also comes with a longer shelf life.


The dependency on portable generators for camping is also essential. A generator, at the time of appliance usage, should not be disturbed. It can affect the generator’s long-run functioning. Make sure to choose an inverter, a cutting-edge generator with superior technology, and stunning features. This allows your camping site to stay lit plus allows easy usage of appliances.

How Can I Best Maintain the Performance of My Camping Generator?

  • Make sure to keep the camping generator clean and adequately covered when you are not using it.
  • Empty the tank of your generator after every use.
  • Make sure to purchase and have filters plus backup fuel.
  • Monitor the wattage capacity of the portable generator.

What Is the Quietest Generator for Camping?

Generac 6462 guardian series runs with an operational noise of around 58dBA, making it the quietest generator for camping.

There are other quiet generators on the market, including the Honda EU2200I portable generator, Yamaha EF2000iSv2, and WEN 56200i.

If I Use My Generator for Camping Purposes, Am I Fully Covered Under The Domestic Warranty Period?

The generators’ warranty varies, but the generators are fully covered under the domestic warranty period. However, the warranty of the generator varies from one manufacturer to another. Moreover, the warranty period is usually between 1-4 years duration. Plus, you can also find details regarding the warranty period in the user manual.

Will A 2000-Watt Generator Run A Camper?

A 2000-watt generator can quickly run a camper considering size and appliance usage like running AC and different appliances.

How Many wattages Do You Need for Camping?

Most RVers use around 2000-4000 watts of usage on their generators. So, this would be enough for camping considering appliance usage. For instance, an RV refrigerator uses around 400-1000 watts of watts.

An air conditioner uses about 1400-2400 watts, TV 200-600 watts, laptop 250 watts, coffee maker 900 watts, toaster 1150 watts, hairdryer 1000 watts, and microwave around 1000 watts. So, choose the generator according to the appliances you’ll be using.

How Big Size of a Generator Do I Need For A 30 Amp Camper?

The maximum amount of wattage for a 30amp camper is around 3600 watts. So, to ensure enough power, it’s best to get your hands on a generator with 4000 watts.


Camping is fun to indulge in, a beautiful feeling that is too in complete peace and solitude. For enjoying a calm, relaxed gateway, you need a perfect size generator that works well for camping. Hope this guide helps you to invest in a perfectly sized generator for camping.

Consider the appliances and your usage before buying a generator for camping. Make sure it comes with low noise levels as you want a relaxed camping station rather than a noisy, disturbing one! So, have fun buying the accurate generator for your camping!