Are Honda Portable Generators Safe For Electronics?

  • By: Umer.A
  • Date: October 10, 2021
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Honda has proved to make a solid ground even there. Their new portable inverter generator uses high-quality inverters to produce clean AC power. With this, you can use sensitive appliances without any problem. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the current damaging your electronics.

Honda has produced some excellent portable generators. They have remarkable specifications for every condition. But are the generators from Honda safe enough for all kinds of electronic appliances and devices?

We’re here to find out. We’ll go through every detail, like what kind of generator is suitable for elections? And if Honda’s generators are up to the mark.

What Appliances Can You Run on Honda Portable Generators?

Honda portable generators are for heavy-duty usage. You can use them whether it is a power outage or natural disaster. You can rely on your Honda generator whenever there is a need.

These generators can power up almost all the appliances as long as they fall within the rated watts limit. You can use a refrigerator, sump pump, and even a heating system at home with a generator. At campsites, lights, appliances, portable fridges can be used on the generator. Generators can charge batteries at campsites or in an RV while traveling.

While at the worksites, drills and other power equipment are powered by a generator. So, a generator isn’t limited to one place. Instead, it has multiple uses in multiple conditions.

What Kind of Generator Is Safe for Electronics?

Electronics use small and sensitive technology to process. One such example is the microprocessors that are quite sensitive. One small change in electric current can damage them. Therefore, traditional generators aren’t suitable for such electronics.

The power supply in the utility line was ‘clean energy,’ but a backup, clean energy source was required. So, the portable inverter generators came into play. They generate AC like a typical generator but convert DC and AC with an inverter. The result was a clean supply of electric current from them.

Portable Inverter generators are suitable for modern electronics as they don’t have a distortion in their supply. With these, you can use your LCD TVs and computers without any worries.

New Safety Technology for Portable Generators:

Generators are the perfect source for backup. But they can put your health at risk if you don’t follow the safety measures. For example, carbon monoxide, one of the toxic gases emitted from the generators. There are safety manuals that explain the perfect conditions to use the generator. But these conditions cannot be fulfilled at the time of emergency.

With millions of customers that use Honda’s portable generators at home or work. You can use the portable generators at campsites, tailgating, or for emergency backup. You never know when you’ll need your backup generator. That’s why Honda came up with ‘CO-MINDER’ technology for its generators. The CO-MINDER system in Honda portable generators measures the CO level in the air around the generator. If the CO level rises to a level that can put you at risk, the generator will automatically shut down.

With the new safety technology of Honda portable generators, you don’t have to check the CO monitors constantly. Instead, your Honda Generator will take care of it for you.

Are AVR Generators Safe for Electronics?

AVR generators use an automatic voltage regulator. This way, they can regulate the output voltage to a relatively clean source. This regulates the electric supply to a consistent, brownout, and spike-free output. The AVR maintains the output voltage at a fixed value. This way, you won’t face any spikes when using an AVR generator.

Although it’s not as perfect as the inverter generator, it makes the electric current safe. It has a fault rate of 2%, meaning 2% of abnormal voltage passing through this regulator won’t get regulated.

Even then, these generators are suitable to be used for electronics and other sensitive appliances. It protects them from voltage spikes and saves their circuits from getting fried. So, you can use your computer, laptop, TV and other sensitive equipment without any worries.

You Need a Transfer Switch:

Honda portable generators are used in different types of environments for backup supply. They have proved to be trusty and reliable, and with newer technological advancements, customers prefer them over others.

In homes, offices, and worksites, Honda portable generators are used if there’s a power outage of any sort. All the essential electronics are then switched over to the generator. This way, your work can go on without any unnecessary pause.

There are different ways to connect your generator to the home grid. One of the safest ways is to use a transfer switch for the connection. Transfer switch cuts off the utility line to your home, reducing the risks of back feeding. It also saves your equipment from getting damaged.

How Honda Portable Generators Produce Clean Ac Power?

With the new invention of clean power portable generators, the portable Inverter generators, Honda designed its own Clean AC power generators. The Inverter technology of Honda’s generators converts the raw AC produced and cleans it. Then, they use a microprocessor to condition it. It’s a multi-step process, and here’s how they do it.

The alternator produces high voltage AC in the generator. Next, this AC power is converted into DC. And then, finally, with the help of an inverter, it is converted back into AC. The inverter not only converts DC into AC but also smooths the voltage and frequency of the current. The final result is a clean AC power to power your sensitive electronics.

A special microprocessor controls this whole process. The microprocessor also controls the speed of the engine to increase fuel efficiency.

To achieve such clean AC power, Honda emphasizes using high-quality inverters. This is why the Clean AC power generated by these inverters can run even the most sensitive electronics.

Can A Generator Damage A TV?

Yes, a generator can damage a TV. This is because the TV has sensitive microprocessors. If the uneven current is constantly supplied to these microprocessors, they behave abnormally. Over time, the uneven current will damage it, hence damaging your RV.

What Else Can I Do to Protect My Electronic Gadgets?

If you cannot afford an expensive inverter generator but still want to do something about protecting your gadgets. Then, you can get a point-of-use surge protection strip. You can plug multiple devices into this surge protection strip.

Apart from that, you can get yourself a UPS. The Uninterruptible Power Supply will act as a regulator for the current. It will make sure that the voltages supplied to the Electronic Gadgets are constant.

Is It Safe to Charge A Cell Phone With A Generator?

Surprisingly, even though the generators are known to damage electronics, your cell phone charger is safe from harm from generators. This is because cell phone chargers convert AC into DC and supply the DC to its batteries. So, as long as the voltages hover between their limits (which it usually is), your charger will be safe.

What Kind of Generator Is Safe for Electronics?

A generator can and can’t damage electronics. This is because there are different qualities of the generator available. They vary in how they deliver final electricity. They are divided into two types, conventional and inverter generators.

A conventional generator produces raw uneven voltages. This uneven current can damage your electronics’ sensitive components over time.

Whereas an inverter generator produces electricity after passing it through different phases. Converting it from AC to DC and then back into AC with the help of an inverter. The result is a clean and even electric current that is suitable for electronics.

Can You Plug Appliances into A Generator?

Yes, you can safely plug your appliances, such as power tools, fridges, etc., directly into a generator through extension cords. As long as the extension cords are heavy duty. And they are made of thick wire gauge that can handle the flowing current; you’re good to go.


Generators are a good source of backup whenever there’s a power outage. This is because they produce the same electric current as the utility lines. So, you can power appliances like a fridge, computer, etc.

But which portable generators are safe for electronics? The answer is, it depends on the type of generator.

Honda generators have proved to be remarkable for running all sorts of appliances. But when it comes to sensitive electronics, they have failed. Therefore, portable inverter generators are the next big thing in the generators. They are gaining popularity in residential areas and offices.