Predator 8750 Generator – Our Review Of This Inverter Generator

  • By: Umer.A
  • Date: October 16, 2022
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The Predator 8750 Inverter Generator is one of the most powerful units available in this category. Most competitor products are almost double in price at this power level. Nevertheless, the price is not the only advantage Predator 8750 has over its competition.

So, what does it have to offer over its competitor?

This unit comes with a user-friendly design. You will also get extensive customer support, ready to sort out any issues you might face while using this generator.

You might have a price advantage here with Predator, but that doesn’t mean you will have to compromise on reliability or performance.

Give this comprehensive review a read and find out whether this unit is a good option for you to consider or not.

Predator 8750 Watt Inverter Generator
  • 420cc
  • Max Starting Watts 8750
  • Max Running Watts 7000
  • Output Voltage 120/240
  • Running Time 15.1 Hours @ 25%

Predator 8750 Inverter Generator – An Overview

Predator is a sub-brand of Harbor Freight, highly regarded for its quality generator units. The brand made vibes in the market due to its low-cost units that never compromise on quality, and the company provides you with good customer support.

If you are using these inverter generators for the first time, you will need help while using and maintaining these units. These Units come with all their instructional materials; if you have any problems, you can go through them to sort things out for yourself.

If you’re still facing any issues, you can contact customer support.

This Jobsite-ready unit comes with a high-quality, durable frame made of heavy-duty steel. In addition, this unit has its GFCI outlets covered, so you can conveniently take it anywhere and work with it.

Hence, you can even take it to remote worksites where power is not available, and with these 10-inch wheels, you can easily move it around whenever you need it on the site. A foldable handle on it, too, helps you pull it behind on your own without needing an additional pair of hands.

Predator 8750 is meant for all-purpose and can power bigger appliances comfortably. This heavy-duty unit is an exceptional artwork and doesn’t need much maintenance.

If you are a first-time generator user, you won’t have to go through a lot to take care of your unit. Just show your generator some love and do regular cleaning, and you won’t have any trouble with it.

  • Minimum maintenance required
  • Simple to install and use
  • Excellent all-purpose unit
  • Great value for money
  • Electric start and auto-shutoff
  • Not as quiet as some other units

Predator 8750 Inverter Generator

Predator 8750 Generator Technical Specifications

Fuel Gasoline
Tank Capacity 25L or 6.6 gallons
Running Wattage 7000 Watts
Surge Wattage 8750 Watts
Weight 151 lbs
Runtime 15.1 hours @ 25 percent
Certification CARB & EPA
Noise Level 75 dB

The Predator 8750 has a running wattage of 7700 watts and a surge wattage of 8750. As it is an inverter unit, this capacity will enable you to power many devices and units that need clean energy to work properly.

You can power up all home appliances with this unit, including your smartphones and laptops. It is good enough to run your smart TVs and so much more. Therefore, you can use it at your home, or you can use it on the go in your RV if you need it.

This unit is packed with immense power, and you won’t have to connect anything to it for parallel power. It can run on gasoline and features electric or pull stars, thanks to its large 25L or 6.6-gallon capacity. It can provide you with more than 15 hours of power at 25 percent load.

Being a big unit, it is not that easy to move around. However, you need to go for the wheel kit to make sure you can move it conveniently enough from one place to another. This unit also comes with EPA and CARB certifications.

Co Secure Technology

One of the best features of this inverter generator is that it comes with Predator’s very own Co Secure technology. With this technology, your Predator 8750 can automatically shut down for safety reasons if it detects any harmful carbon monoxide build-ups in the area.

One of the most significant issues with these generators is that running them for long hours can cause carbon monoxide build-up in the surrounding area. That’s why they are highly recommended to place outside in the open.

That is not the case with this Predator 8750 unit. You can conveniently place it inside if you want to because it is equipped with this feature to tackle any CO build-up in the room and will shut off automatically to prevent any catastrophe.

Powerful Engine

The Predatory 8750 has a 420cc engine that allows the generator to run and create power. It is more than enough to accumulate a large backup that you can use for various applications.

The best thing is that this powerful engine won’t have to consume a lot of fuel to generate this much power. This engine doesn’t need much maintenance; you will only have to oil it properly or make it work.

The fuel consumption of this engine is economical. Due to its capabilities, this night is the top choice for home use, job sites, and RV use.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Technology

Being an inverter generator, this unit is equipped with pure sine wave inverter technology that safely powers your sensitive electronics, including TVs, laptops, and smartphones.

With this technology, women have to deal with any energy fluctuation. If you live in an area where you have to deal with a lot of power fluctuations, you need to bring this unit home. It will convert dirty power into clean power and ensure that all your gadgets continue to work safely.

Even if you don’t have dirty power in your area, power outages can be a huge problem in some areas. The shift from DC power to AC power and back can damage these sensitive devices if you continue to charge them with your generator. This is where an inverter generator comes in, as it will always provide clean power.

User-Friendly Design

Apart from having a powerful engine and secure power generation capabilities, this unit is equipped with an extremely simple design.

Even if it is the first generator you have ever used, you will see that you won’t have to make much effort to use it. First thing is that it comes with a detailed instructional guide. You can go through this guide, and most of your questions will be answered.

Integrated Digital Display

The Predator 8750 inverter generator is equipped with a digital display that the company has integrated into the unit. This display is capable of showing the overall runtime of the unit.

Apart from that, it shows the total hours of output left, frequency, voltage, and a load of other information you need to know to understand the current status of your unit.

As it is a bigger unit, you will need this information because you will run multiple devices on it. Keep track of what’s left and what you can do with your charge.

When you are out on the road in your RV and cannot track time with your power outage, this digital display will come in handy to let you know how much juice you are left with.

Easy Mobility

This large unit is equipped with a large fuel tank. The overall weight of this unit is over 150 lbs. It means you won’t be able to carry or move it on your own or even with help.

Therefore, when buying this unit, you need to go for the available wheel kit as one of the accessories included in your purchase. This unit comes equipped with large 10-inch flat-free wheels. A foldable handle can maximize portability and ease of use.

You can take this unit to your job site or use it at home. You can even take it with you on the road in your RV and never run out of power when you need it.

Predator 8750 Watt Inverter Generator
  • 420cc
  • Max Starting Watts 8750
  • Max Running Watts 7000
  • Output Voltage 120/240
  • Running Time 15.1 Hours @ 25%

Electric Start & Light Indicators

You don’t have to put in much effort to get things started. It comes with an electric start, and these features pair well with the battery housed inside the unit.

Getting this thing to start is a breeze. If the starting capability gets problematic or the battery dies, you can always go down the manual route and use recoil.

Furthermore, this unit is equipped with different light indicators. These lights show whether the unit is dealing with overload, low oil, or output.

Jobsite Ready

This generator is an excellent choice for you to consider if you want to use it on your job site. It is equipped with a heavy-duty steel frame and has outlets that are GFCI covered.

Therefore, this unit is an excellent choice for a job site. Of course, it comes with its wheel kit and a foldable handle. You can conveniently move it around whenever you need it and then pack it away when you are done.

That is why this unit is an ideal option if you want to take it to remote areas. It has a good runtime, and it can easily last for a longer period to make sure you have enough power to get your job done for the day.

Predator 8750 Watt Generator

Predator 8750 vs Predator 6500 – The Difference

Features Predator 8750 Predator 6500
Running Wattage 7000 Watts 5500 Watts
Weight 151 lbs 165 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity 25L or 6.6 gallons 25L or 6.6 gallons
Noise Level 75 dBA 73.5 dBA

Now, let’s compare two predator generators, the Predator 8750 and the Predator 6500 generator. As the name of this unit goes, it is equipped with an urge wattage of 6500 watts and is a smaller unit compared to Predator 8750.

The running wattage of this unit is 5500 watts in comparison to 7000 watts of Predator 8750. Despite being a smaller unit with lesser capacity, it weighs about 14 pounds more than its inverter counterpart.

Predator 6500 runs on gasoline, and it is not an inverter unit. This unit is not capable of charging your sensitive devices because it is not equipped with pure sine wave technology. It is more of a conventional unit that you can use in case of any emergency.

In comparison, Predator 8750 is an inverter unit and is much more capable than Predator 6500 in terms of wattage and overall capability. The 8750 is a more modern version of the 6500 unit, which is why it is a much better option.

That doesn’t mean the 6500 unit is a dud. On the contrary, the 6500 unit is a good voice for emergency backup at job sites, outdoor recreation, and food trucks. It has a more specific use than the 8750 model, designed to serve a much bigger purpose with its larger capacity.

Regarding quality and performance, 6500 and 8750 by Predator are good, and you can rely on them. But the 8750 is much better because it has more power and features pure sine wave technology.

Apart from that, the 8750 is a better option in terms of safety. Co Secure technology automatically shuts the unit if it detects carbon monoxide build-ups. This feature is not there in Predator 6500.

Predator 8750 Generator vs Others on the Market

Features Predator 8750 Champion 8750 WEN GN875i
Running Wattage 7000 Watts 7000 Watts 7000 Watts
Weight 151 lbs 155.5 lbs 147.3 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity 6.6 gallons 4.2 gallons 4.2 gallons
Engine 420cc 420 cc 420cc
Noise Level 75 dBA 72 dBA ~73 dBA

We have compared Predator 8750 with one of its traditional units, the 6500 and see that the 87500 came out on time in every department.

Now, let’s see whether it can outperform some other brands in its category or not. The two we have picked for this comparison are Champion 8750 and WEN GN875i.

Let’s compare them with Predator 8750 one by one.

Predator 8750 vs Champion 8750

The Champion 8750 is close to what the Predator 8750 generator offers regarding the surge and running wattage. They have similar numbers in these departments as they both come with a surge wattage of 8750 and a running wattage of 7000 watts.

You will see that both these units are similar in almost every aspect. The Champion is an inverter, producing clean energy that you can use to power your sensitive devices.

This unit is equipped with a powerful 420cc engine for generating electricity. The same powered engine is running in the Predator 8750 as well.

The difference in terms of performance will come in terms of runtime. This is because the Champion is equipped with a smaller fuel tank than the one in Predator.

It means the Predator 8750 will continue to run for a longer period, so you will have more backup with this unit. On the other hand, Champion can only run for about 10 to 11 hours compared to 14 to 15 hours of Predator 8750.

You will notice that Champion is a slightly better performer regarding the noise level. It has a much more fine-tuned sound, so its overall noise level is slightly lower than what the Predator offers.

Champion 8750 has a price advantage over the Predator, which is much more affordable. So, it is up to you whether you are looking for better runtime with Predator 8750 or want to save more money with Champion 8750.

Predator 8750 vs WEN GN875i

WEN is highly regarded as one of the best generator brands on the market, especially regarding value for money. It does the same with its GN875i generator.

This inverter generator comes ready for transfer switch and is CARB compliant. Like the Champion 8750, this unit has an open frame design.

This unit has a 420cc engine that can produce a surge wattage of 8750 watts and a running wattage of 7000 watts. This aspect is very much similar to what the Predator 8750 can achieve.

Both these units can produce clean energy, so you can use them to charge your sensitive devices. You will notice that this unit is slightly lighter than its Predator counterpart.

Just like the Champion 8750, this unit comes with a small fuel tank of just 4.2-gallon capacity. However, the Predator has a much bigger fuel tank with a 6.6-gallon capacity. It means that it will have a bigger runtime in comparison to the GN875i.

So, we see similar aspects at play here between Predator 8750 and WEN GN875i as we see between Predator 8750 and Champion 8750.

The result is the same; if you are looking to save more money, you should consider going for WEN GN875i, but if you are looking for a superior runtime, Predator 8750 is a better option.

The Predator will work better for you if you live in an area where you experience a power outage for longer periods. But if power outages are not much of your concern, you can go for the GN875i because it is a reliable option.

Predator 8750 Watt Inverter Generator
  • 420cc
  • Max Starting Watts 8750
  • Max Running Watts 7000
  • Output Voltage 120/240
  • Running Time 15.1 Hours @ 25%

Final Word

The Predator 8750 generator has a good runtime and fuel efficiency. It is equipped with a massive fuel tank.

The unit allows you to power your sensitive electronics and appliances constantly. It has enough capacity to power more appliances on the go. You can use it for your worksites or at home, which works well for your RV.

It is equipped with Co Secure technology that will automatically turn off the unit if it detects carbon monoxide build-up surrounding it.

Furthermore, Pure Sine Wave technology enables you to charge all your sensitive electronics conveniently. The unit is easy to use and equipped with an electric start.

There is a digital display on it that shows you the current status of the unit. It’s a powerful unit that you can rely on for regular use or in case of an emergency,