Predator 1400 Watt Generator – Our Review Of This Portable Inverter Generator

  • By: Umer.A
  • Date: November 20, 2022
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Predator generators are widely-liked because they are high-performing at a reasonable cost that function amazingly well in various settings. The use of minor variants is widespread for Tailgating, Camping, RVs, Boating, and other outdoor recreational activities.

The larger models are famous for complete homes and backup power. In addition, the Predator 1400 Watt Generator has the CO SECURE technology and fully supports all the above recreational uses.

So, what is the reason, and what gives it an edge over its competitors?

Keep reading the article below to find out if the Super Quite feature, CO SECURE alarm, or maximum running voltage limit makes it more popular and a better option.

Predator 1400 Generator
  • Longer Runtime up to 7.3 Hours @ 25% load per fill up
  • Super Quiet @ only 60db
  • Low Oil overload
  • Electronic overload protection

Predator 1400 Watt Generator – An overview

So, starting from the basics, who make these generators, and why are they so famous? The Californian manufacturer Harbor Freight Tools produces these predator generators. The business offers portable and home-based apps for residential and business settings. One of the trustworthy brands for electrical power has historically been Predator.

Its cutting-edge technologies and energy solutions began in 1988 and have remained popular. These high-caliber generators can compete with any illustrious name brand on the market.

The Predator 1400 Watt SUPER QUIET Inverter Generator is one of their many well-liked products. It is undoubtedly among the greatest generator for all recreational usage for both indoor and outdoor activities, which is very safe and portable to use.

It works best as a backup generator for side use at your home for small appliances to divide the overall load at your main generator. But that should only be for temporary usage as this generator does not hold much load; therefore, it’s more feasible as a recreational option.

There are many reasons why this generator is a perfect fit for recreational uses. First, it’s light-weighted and weighs only around 33Lbs; we wouldn’t say it’s pretty easy to carry along; however, being portable, it is much easier than most competitors. Moreover, it’s user-friendly, makes it relatively easy for anyone to start, and runs very quietly, like a conversation, with a sound rating of 60dB (a).

Check the advantages and disadvantages of buying this generator below for a more comprehensive understanding.

  • CO SECURE feature (Shuts down automatically when harmful Carbon Monoxide gets detected)
  • Small body and low weight
  • User-friendly with quick and easy installation
  • Pure Sine Wave Technology For USB and AC Power Support
  • More run-time period close to 7.3 Hours @ 25% load per fill up
  • Fuel capacity is low- 1 Gallon only
  • Lower power out compared to fuel consumption

Technical specifications of Predator 1400 Watt Inverter Generator

Fuel Gasoline
Tank Capacity 1 Gallon
Running Wattage 1100W
Starting Wattage 1400W
Weight 33 pounds
Run Time 7.3 Hours @ 25% load
Noise Level 60 dB @ 25% load

Predator 1400 Super Quiet Inverter Generator

The Predator has a total capacity of 1400 Watts, out of which only 1100 is running watts, but many users have tested it to go somewhere nearby the power of 1220-1230. With this capacity of an inverter generator, you can easily use a small electric heater or a small fan. But do not push too much power burden on it any more than 2-3 appliances at a time can be too much to handle given their voltage consumption.

However, this unit might not be suitable for using big home appliances for extended periods. You can still use small appliances like portable fans, low voltage light bulbs, a small fridge, a slow cooker, and an LED power-saving TV. You can use all these small appliances along with much more low voltage but one at a time and for a shorter time, keeping the total output and remaining fuel capacity in check.

This unit works on unleaded gasoline types, which are safer and more efficient than standard gasoline. Unfortunately, the fuel tank is relatively small and only supports a liter of total storage; however, to overcome this weakness, you can always add an attachable storage tank of three liters capacity, but you’ll have to buy it separately.

The engine is easy and quick to start as it uses a manual recoil system which takes only a couple of solid pulls to get it started.

Safe to use sensitive Gadgets

Charging or connecting your portable or other small devices is very safe and convenient with these inverter generators. These generators can deliver a clean and adequate power supply that needs to run smoothly without causing inconvenience or power off.

All your small gadgets like tablets, mobile phones, portable gaming systems, laptops, and other similar devices are very convenient to charge with this inverter generator.

In-built Expandability

Because this unit has parallel functionality, you may easily connect another unit to it to increase the power and meet your needs. There is absolutely no issue with connecting a second device in parallel.

Additionally, the predator 1400 Watt generator unit can add and double up your power capability by attaching another Predator 1400 unit with the RV to give more output during camping. This excellent feature will easily allow you to run more daily home appliances with more power. Unfortunately, you’ll have to buy this Parallel kit separately at an additional cost.

User-friendly and Versatile Control Panel

This generator is very user-friendly, and the control panel on the outside is straightforward to use with multiple options. It features three different types of power output units on it.

First, it has the main power outlet; secondly, there are two AC outlet units for small home appliances; the last option is for the two external USB outputs that can charge your small gadgets directly. All these outlets are easily accessible and safer to use without interruption.

Quiet Operation

Another excellent, most wanted feature this unit has is a Super Quiet feature, which allows it to make less noise when operational without causing any noise disturbances.

The official noise level is stated at 60 dB; however, many users have tested it to be around 53-54db. To further keep the noise levels under control, it has an Eco-friendly noise function that reduces the load to about 51dB to make it quieter and more peaceful.

CO SECURE (A lifesaving feature)

When using these generators, it is essential to keep the safety measure in check and follow the guidelines mentioned in the included booklets. Therefore, we advise you to follow this guideline for the safety of your own and your surroundings. Similarly, considering a similar feature Predator 1400 generator unit has added the CO SECURE lifesaving feature.

The CO SECURE feature detects carbon monoxide when you use it in an enclosed space. This lifesaving feature is worth the money as it shuts down automatically without releasing harmful carbon dioxide gas in such situations. Moreover, the red light starts to blink, indicating gas leakage, and you can restart it easily by the same process.

Lightweight Carrying

The Predator 1400 Watt Generator only weighs around 33 lbs, which is not heavy while hand-carrying, camping, or other outdoor activity. You can easily place it at a safe corner of your car, boat, or another kind of vehicle and conveyance as it is not much space-consuming. Looks just like a daily usage handbag but weighs more than that.

This super lightweight feature in the line of generator units makes it the best option when planning an outdoor recreational activity. In short, these generators are tailor-made for this kind of stuff.

Predator 1400 Super Quiet Generator

Convenient Handling

Predator 1400 Watt inverter has a convenient solid plastic-made handlebar space that allows you to carry it around easily. Already, they are light-weighted, and with the addition of this convenience, they are more comfortable moving around. You can even single-handedly carry them in mobility. Holding and taking them around will feel like a toolbox, a single-person job.

Predator 1400 Generator
  • Longer Runtime up to 7.3 Hours @ 25% load per fill up
  • Super Quiet @ only 60db
  • Low Oil overload
  • Electronic overload protection

The Predator 1440 vs Predator 1800 Difference

Features Predator 1400 Watts Predator 1800 Watts
Running wattage 1100 W 1400 W
Weight 33 pounds 60 pounds
Fuel tank capacity 1 gallon 1.6 gallon
Noise level 60 decibels 65 decibels


The Predator 1800 CO SECURE has a more robust alternative available. It has 1800 watts in total, with 1800 watts as a surge and 1400 watts of running power. So, this unit has 400W more surge power and 300W more running power if you compare them.

And you are getting all that power with a slight increase in size and weight. The Predator 1400W is still the best option for recreational use. It provides you with the same 1400 W inverter unit, but it gives you more freedom to connect some more appliances.

The Predator 1800 unit comes with the CO SECURE safety measures just like the 1400 W, which makes them both even in this safety feature. However, neither has a superior edge as they do not offer any extra side features.

However, unlike the Predator1400 W unit, the 1800 unit does not have the extra feature of an eco-friendly noise reduction feature, and it has 65 dB (a) at 50% load, which is more than the average noise-safety level of 60 dB (a). Therefore, it causes an increasing amount of noise pollution when in use.

The Predator 1800 has two 120V alternate current 20 amp outlets and one 12 V DC 8.3 amp outlet with an integrated volt meter for easy output monitoring. Unfortunately, it does not have any USB ports, like the 1400 W inverter unit to give direct USB out for charging and a 120V direct current outlet.

The 1800W comes with a much bigger 98cc engine compared to the 54cc engine in the 1400W. As a result, it can generate more power and increase the unit’s overall weight.


To accommodate the additional weight, the company has equipped this unit with twin-wheel casters and one main pulling lever for easy dragging in the case of a single person. It has twin handles you can easily lift and carry without needing another person’s support.

Even though it is a friendly and comfortable thing that a generator must have, there is nothing extraordinary that the 1400 W does not have where the 1400 W unit is already pretty much as good and comfortable in handling and mobility as 1800.

However, the 1800 W unit is a bit heavier due to the size and voltage output capacity, so it lacks carrying power and needs more muscle power comparatively.

Easy to Operate

Moreover, the Predator 1400 Watt Generator control panel is more informative than the 1800 W unit as it shows the overload of voltage and auto shutdowns light for safety purposes. It is way more informative than the Predator 1800 W.

Both control panels display total running hours, low oil threshold points, low-oil shutdown; an overload; and a circuit breaker with electronic overload protection and a reset button.

Like the Predator 1400 W, the 1800 W does not have the parallel capability. Therefore, you will not be able to amp up your capacity by connecting another unit to the circuit, especially with RVs. So, the Predator 1400 has a transparent edge here, especially when camping outside in RVs.

Run Time

There is a clear difference if you compare both units’ run times. The 1800W has a slightly longer run time of a few more hours at 50% load and a 0.6-liter gallon larger fuel tank than the 1400W.

So, in general, we have seen that the 1800W has a little more edge over the 1400 W generator when it comes to power output, as more home appliances can efficiently be working on it. The price is slightly low comparatively.


However, it lacks a few additional features, not to mention the sound rating, where 1800 has a more sound level of 65 dB at 50% load. (a) This sound level is against the normal range of tolerance for human nature; above, and it does not feature an Eco-friendly noise control level. Both have the startup type of Recoil lever pull and quickly start in a couple of easy pulls.

Predator 1400W Generator Vs. Others on the market

Features Predator 1400W HondaEU1000I Firman PO1001 1300 W
Running watts 1100W 900W 1050
Weight 33 lbs. 28.7 lbs. 46 lbs.
Noise level 60 dB (a) 50 dB(a) max 42 dB (a) at 25% load 62 dB (a) 25% load
Tank Capacity 1 Gallon 0.55 Gallon 1.3 Gallon

The Firman PO1001 and the Honda EU1000T1AG generators are comparable to the Predator 1400 inverter generator. In addition, the surge wattage of the Firman and Predator is identical, but Honda has a low surge of only 1000 W overall.

Predator 1400W vs. Honda EU1000I

The Predator 1400 W and the Honda EU1000I are very similar in technical specifications, but the surge watt differs, and the running watts only have a 200-watt difference.

This means the Predator has a solid edge in overall output power for small appliances or portable device charging. However, the Honda EU1000I has a significant advantage over the Predator 1400 in terms of being far quieter and weighing significantly less.

The EU1000I is the quietest inverter unit on the market, outperforming all of its competitors with a maximum noise level of 50 dB (a) and a minimum noise level of 42 dB (a) at 25% load. On the other hand, the Predator 1400W is quite noisy, with a 60 dB (a) noise level rating.

Furthermore, the EU1000I weighs significantly less than the Predator1400W. The Honda weighs only 28.7 lbs., which is very easy and comfortable to handle and carry in mobility. However, whereas the latter has a weight of 33 lbs., which isn’t that heavy, it’s a downside against the rival.

The gallon capacity plays a vital role as the total duration of the outlet depends on it. Here, the Predator 1400 W again has a clear advantage over its rival, with almost double the fuel tank size of 0.55 litres against 1 litre for the Predator 1400.

But the Predator beats the Honda EU1000i in terms of price. The latter costs almost double what the Predator 1400W costs. So, you need to consider this and check whether the technical difference between these two units is worth the extra price or not.

Lastly, both of them feature the CO SECURE technology, which allows them to shut down automatically in case of harmful levels of carbon dioxide detection, mostly in closed indoor places.

Predator 1400W vs. Firman PO1001 1300W

The Predator 1400 W and Firman’s PO1001 1300 W are pretty much close regarding surge power. They only have a 100 W difference, which does not significantly affect overall output. Similarly, the rated watts have just a 50W difference. Therefore, both have the equal caliber of giving a similar output as a recreational or portable generator.

However, again the Predator 1400 W takes the lead when it comes to the noise level. As the name sounds, Predator is QUITE as a conversation, and its Eco-friendly feature makes it even quieter at lower load capacity. Whereas Firman’s model has a slightly high noise level of 62 dB (a) in total, which isn’t that bad, it’s comparatively high overall.

The Predator further excels in achieving more points when compared to weightage. The Firman is a bit heavier to carry around by a single person with a total weight of 46lbs compared to the size and max starting watts. At the same time, the Predator weighs only 33 lbs., which is excellent for all-purpose carrying and mobility.

The critical feature of the Carbon Monoxide detector and auto shut-off is missing in its perks of buying. Unfortunately, unlike the above two generators, it does not offer this feature which is a severe drawback to this generator.

Firman’s PO1001 1300 W generator’s only advantage is the fuel tank capacity. It can hold a maximum of 1.3 gallons, whereas the Predator only carries around 1 gallon at max, which isn’t that bad at all, but it’s comparatively low.

As a result, even small appliances can efficiently run on these generators if the temporary main power line is out. It has enough juice to keep the daily usage of essential equipment or pieces of machinery working, but you still need to avoid overloading.

Final Word

The Predator 1400 W inverter generator is a perfect option to purchase for recreation or a small portable power supply bank. In addition, this generator is lightweight; even a single person can easily handle it and carry it around. Therefore, if you plan to camp, tailgate, or picnic alone, this generator can be an excellent option to consider.

In addition, they promise that, as long as you take good care of its engine, its emissions control system will be free from manufacturing flaws for two years.

You can use an RV Ready PREDATOR Parallel Kit to double the power of your generator by adding a second unit, which you can buy separately.

Predator 1400 Generator
  • Longer Runtime up to 7.3 Hours @ 25% load per fill up
  • Super Quiet @ only 60db
  • Low Oil overload
  • Electronic overload protection