Generac iQ3500 Portable Inverter Generator

  • By: James S
  • Date: October 16, 2022
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Generac iQ3500 generator comes with plenty of power to run multiple appliances simultaneously. With a 2.6-gallon fuel tank, its run time is up to nine hours. It also comes with a control panel that is very easy to use. And the best part is, this unit operates quietly.

  • A reliable unit
  • Can power multiple appliances at the same time
  • Effortless to install or operate
  • Less fuel consumption

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Generac iQ3500 Portable Inverter Generator


If you are looking for a powerful and quiet generator that doesn’t consume much fuel, you should go for the iQ3500 Generac. It’s a top choice for domestic and recreational purposes. The company is well known for its stand-by generators, but they also make portable machines.

So, what makes the iQ3500 so special? First, it can power multiple appliances simultaneously and won’t run out of fuel that easily. This inverter generator looks good on paper, but does it come with features you will find useful in your day-to-day use?

Read on to explore this in-depth Generac iQ3500 portable inverter generator review and see if this unit is worth all the hype!

Generac iQ3500 Portable Inverter Generator – An Overview

The Generac iQ3500 is a big unit and is up to 40% quieter than all its rivals. That’s a significant achievement because Honda generators are incredibly quiet and always set the standard for other companies to follow.

This unit is up to 16% more powerful than any of its rivals. In addition, the unit features Generac’s Power Rush technology. The unit has been made quiet with an enclosed construction. In addition, the durable construction makes it strong and sturdy. It might be a bit heavier, but you can use it on your recreational units pretty comfortably.

  • Silent operation
  • Compact construction
  • Pretty user-friendly
  • Smart LCD
  • High fuel efficiency
  • Various safety features
  • It’s a pretty hefty unit weighing around 110 lbs

Generac iQ3500 Technical Specifications



Starting Watts


Running Watts




Tank Capacity

2.6 Gallons


109 lbs


9 hours

This generator is a great choice for anyone on the go. Whether you are camping, working, tailgating, or RVing, this unit will work great and cater to all your needs. The best part is, it can conveniently run various appliances and won’t run out of fuel as most units do.

What’s more?

Generac has made sure to make this unit extremely quiet. And the whole credit goes to its stainless-steel construction. It not only keeps everything nice and tidy but also prevents any vibration.

Therefore, the unit is rated only to produce around 44 dB of sound, which is extraordinary. Most of the units you will find on the market in this power range come with a noise level ranging between 49 and 59 dB. Therefore, you can conveniently run this unit on a campsite or in your home.

It has an electric start and an inbuilt battery. In addition, there is a dial on the unit that will make starting, running, and stopping this unit pretty simple.

Silent operation 

One of the best features of this unit is its silent operation. Hence, it’s an ideal option for anyone. You won’t end up disturbing your neighbors at all.

It is rated only to produce 44 decibels of the noise level. It’s so quiet that nobody will ever notice there is a generator running in the vicinity. This is the primary reason why you can use this machine wherever you want and for whatever purpose.

Durable enclosure

Generac has constructed it within durable stain steel encasing, without any gap inside the unit. There are no vibrations, and everything inside the unit is intact. So, there won’t be any vibrations and no sound leakage either.

Smart digital LCD

Generac iQ3500 features a smart display digital LCD along with a control panel. Understanding and using this control panel is pretty simple, and you won’t have to be a generator expert to operate this unit. You will only have to turn the orange dial and push the red button.

The next step is to pull the start cord, and you are ready to use your unit. The smart LCD will provide you all the information you need about the unit’s current operational status, including its engine hour meter, fuel, wattage output, unit run time, and low-oil indicator.

PowerDial technology

This little beast is equipped with Generac’s very own PowerDial feature with the start-up, running, and stopping operations integrated into one knob or dial. So, you can conveniently access all of these settings with just a turn of the knob.

This way, you don’t have to look for any specific buttons or other switches to operate your generator. This function makes an already user-friendly unit even simpler to use.

PowerRush technology

With PowerRush technology, the inverter generator gets 50% more power when it starts. And more if you switch to the generator mode.

This way, you will be able to power everything in no time. Furthermore, with these features, your unit can produce more power without consuming too much fuel.

Electric start

This portable generator comes with an electric start system for a smooth start-up. With these features, you can conveniently choose between two different engine speeds based on your power requirements. Thus, this way, you will manage your fuel consumption and noise levels.

Efficient alternator

Generac inverter comes with a highly efficient alternator smaller in size for alternating current if you compare it with a traditional generator unit. This is one of the reasons why this unit is pretty lightweight and compact.

But this portable generator unit still manages to produce a sufficient amount of power and energy to run various tools and equipment.

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Generac iQ3500 Portable Inverter Generator

iQ2000 vs iQ3500


Generac iQ2000

Generac iQ3500

Starting Wattage



Running Wattage



Run Time

7.7 hours @ 25% Load

8.9 hours @ 25% Load


46.2 lbs

109.1 lbs


1.06 gallons

2.6 gallons

The iQ3500 is a pretty powerful generator to take up any load. It is highly versatile to use, and you can use it at your home and different recreational venues and job sites.

But here is a catch….

This unit is quite hefty and weighs over 100 lbs. It might be rather light in its category, but what if you need a lightweight unit?

If that is the case, you should consider going for the iQ2000. Being smaller in size, this unit is more convenient to carry from one place to another, and you don’t need any external help.

However, you will be compromising on a lot of other attributes as well. For instance, the starting wattage of the iQ2000 is just 2000W, and it runs at around 1600W. Therefore, you can only power a limited number of gadgets and appliances with this unit. But this is not the case with the iQ3500 because its starting wattage is 3500W, and it runs at around 3000W. As a result, this unit can power a variety of appliances and sensitive electronic devices simultaneously.

That’s not all!

The iQ3500 is also much better when it comes to runtime, almost 9 hours at 25% load. The iQ2000, on the other hand, can also manage around just over seven and a half hours with the same amount of load.

But the iQ3500 has a serious lead on the smaller unit. The iQ3500 has more run time because it has a bigger fuel tank that is 2.6 gallons instead of the 1.06- gallon tank in the iQ2000. The iQ3500 is a bit of a disadvantage as well. This unit weighs almost double what the iQ2000 weighs. In addition, the weight of this unit is almost 110 pounds, while the iQ2000 only weighs slightly over 46 lbs. Therefore, carrying the iQ3500 is a big effort, and you will need a helper for that.

Generac iQ3500 vs. Others on the Market


Generac iQ3500

Champion 3500W

Predator 3500

Running Watts





109.1 lbs

100 lbs

110 lbs

Noise Level

44 dB

59 dB

57 dB


2.6 gallons

1.6 gallons

2.6 gallons

Run Time

9 Hours

7.5 Hours

11 Hours

The Generac iQ3500 compares well with other units in this category on the market. It has a good run time, and the noise levels are extraordinary.

Generac iQ3500 vs Champion 3500W

The iQ3500 has the upper hand when it comes to the overall noise levels and fuel capacity. The Champion 3500W comes with a running wattage of 3000-W, and its starting wattage is 3500W. This is very similar to what the iQ3500 has on it.

And the iQ3500 seems to be a bit lagging when comparing the overall weight to both these units. Because the Champion 3500-W weighs almost 10 pounds lighter. But the iQ3500 begins to shine bright when you look and compare the noise levels, fuel tank capacity, and run time.

The iQ3500 has a significant upper hand over the 3500W Champion as it is much quieter and has a long run time thanks to a bigger fuel tank. Therefore, the iQ3500 is the way to go here.

Generac iQ3500 vs. Predator 3500

The Predator 3500 inverter generator is much closer in competition to the Generac iQ3500.

However, they both are similar in terms of weight, and the iQ3500 is just under a pound lighter. Both these units also feature a fuel tank that is identical in size and capacity.

The Predator 3500 might be a better option because it has a long run time that lasts up to 11 hours. However, the run time of the iQ3500 is around 9 hours, so the Predator is better in terms of runtime despite having the same fuel tank capacity.

But the iQ3500 is far quieter than the Predator 3500. It is rated for a noise level of 44 decibels. This is significantly lower than the Predator generator 3500 is rated for (59 dB).

Therefore, the iQ3500 is pretty quiet and has a much better and compact construction to make sure it doesn’t leak any sound.

Why Choose the iQ3500?

The Generac iQ3500 is a top choice to be considered because it is equipped with a few handy features. This section will discuss all these features one by one and see why this inverter generator is the top choice to address all your needs.

Quiet motor

One of the best features of this unit is that it is equipped with a quiet motor operation. It is rated at 44 dB, and it will produce much noise at all. Therefore, you can conveniently use it at different sites. For example, you can use it for camping, at home, and your job site.

Digital smart LCD

This generator features a smart digital LCD screen that displays all the information, and the screen is easy to read. For example, you can read the engine hour meter, generator runtime, wattage output, low-oil indicator, and fuel level on this screen.

PowerRush feature

PowerRush function makes this unit stand out from the crowd. With this function, the unit can produce up to 50% more starting power. As a result, you can immediately power anything as soon as you start your generator. It’s just a matter of a couple of seconds, and you are good to go.

PowerDial function

With this function, you have access to all the controls with just a single knob. You can start up, run, and stop your unit with just a single dial. This function makes the unit a whole lot easier to operate. The control panel of this unit is already simple to use, but with this dial, simplicity gets to a whole new level.

Efficient alternator

This unit is pretty lightweight and comes with a relatively compact and highly efficient alternator. As a result, it can become even more efficient in producing energy for various equipment and appliances.

Electric start

This Generac generator comes with an electric start system to start your generator with these features. In addition, you may choose between two different engine speeds based on your requirements, noise level, and fuel consumption.

Durable construction

The iQ3500 is a sturdy unit that can last for years to come, thanks to its stainless-steel encasing that holds everything in its place. As a result, there are no gaps for the sound waves to travel. Due to this sturdy construction, it doesn’t vibrate and produces noise.

Safety features and fuel consumption

Fuel composition is top-notch of this unit, and you will notice it can last longer than most units in this category. It is equipped with a 2.6-gal fuel tank, and you won’t have to refuel it now and then. You can also check the fuel level without opening the tank.

Just have a look at the screen and tell you about your unit’s current fuel level. Its electric start is another safety feature, and you won’t have to pull the cord again and again and end up hurting yourself in any way.

Super compact

It might be a 3500W unit, but it still has a compact design. Generac has done a good job in making this unit extremely compact.

You will notice this unit doesn’t come with any gap within its construction.

So, no space will cause the unit to be bigger, and no sound waves will travel through them. The unit might still be somewhat heavy, but it is lighter than most units if you look at its competitors in this category.

Why is the iQ3500 Not a Good Choice?

Despite all the positives this unit has to offer, there are some negatives you will have to deal with if you go with this unit. We have listed them as follows:


In comparison, the unit is lightweight if you have a look at some of its rivals. Generac has done quite a splendid job in keeping the weight in control. But the problem is, the unit still weighs around 110 pounds.

Now, carrying such a unit is a big job, and you will have to ask for help if you are looking to move this inverter generator from one place to another.

No casters

This unit is so challenging to move because there are no casters or wheels. Therefore, you cannot drag it either. The only way to move it is to pick it up, and for that, you will need some assistance.


Overall, the Generac iQ3500 portable inverter generator is extraordinary. It is designed to power multiple appliances and gadgets at the same time. In addition, it comes with a very user-friendly design. If you are a first-time user, this unit will work just fine for you.

It comes with a control panel that is extremely easy to read, and it comes with a variety of information about the current operation of the unit. The unit also features PowerRush technology to get more power at the start and run more appliances simultaneously.

There is a PowerDial on it that makes things further simple, and you can easily start, run and stop your engine just by rotating this knob. The unit is built quite sturdily and designed to keep any sound or vibrations within.

This unit is one of the quietest that you will find on the market in this category, with only a 44 dB noise rating. Therefore, you can use it for various purposes either at home or at the Jobsite and in a campground. Unfortunately, not many units are available on the market to generate power and come with a low noise level.