What Are the Best Brands of Portable Generators?

  • By: Umer.A
  • Date: November 18, 2021
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When it comes to the performance and durability of portable generators, you can trust Westinghouse, SereneLife, Champion, and Generac.

Portable generators can power a lot of appliances on a campsite. Their compact design and lightweight allow you to take them anywhere.

It has become difficult to choose the right generator to get the most value out of your money with overwhelming generator brands on the market.

We are going to list down some of the top brands for your convenience. So, you don’t have to spend much time picking the right option for you.

Best Brands of Portable Generators

Here is a list of the best brands of portable generators. These brands are well-known in the market due to their reliability and performance.

Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator

Westinghouse is one of the best brands on the market when it comes to portable generators. The WGen7500 comes with a remote electric start rated for 9500 surge watts and 7500 running watts.

This portable gas-powered generator is CARB compliant and is transfer switch ready. There are other variants of this model available with different ratings for surge and running watts. So you can pick one according to your needs.

This portable generator comes with a couple of ground fault circuit interrupters, and all the outlets it comes with have rubber covers on them. A 420cc OHV 4-stroke engine powers this generator, and it comes with a noise rating of 72dB.

SereneLife Portable Generator

Another one of the top brands for portable generators is SereneLife, and if you are looking for a quiet unit, this is it. This inverter runs on a CPAP battery, and you can charge it by a wall outlet or your car or using a solar panel.

It’s a 110V AC outlet and features three DC 12V, and there are three different USB ports present on it. This unit comes with a usable battery capacity of 42000 mAh. So, it can serve you as a reliable source in case of emergency.

Champion Power Equipment 200915

As the name goes, Champion is a well-known brand in terms of performance and efficiency. There are different units available by Champion that come with different power ratings. And most of them run on gas.

For most home and travel applications, the best unit is the 200915 that comes with a surge watt rating of 1500 and running watts of 1200. Unfortunately, this unit is not the quietest on the market, but it still is rated for a noise level of 65dB.

But if you are looking for a field-efficient unit, then this is it. When it comes to safety, Champion generators are the best as they come with low-oil automatic shut-off sensors, and you won’t end up overrunning your unit even if it runs out of fuel.

Generac 7117 Gp2200I

One of the most reliable brands for portable generators is Generac, and this unit is a suitable choice for various purposes. It means that this unit offers plenty of versatility. There are different models available that you can choose according to your needs and requirements for power.

But the GP2200i comes with a surge watt rating of 2200 and a running watt rating of 1700. With only a 1.2-gal tank, it can conveniently run for almost 11 hours.

This unit is not only great for your power needs, but you can carry it wherever you want, thanks to its handle that is integrated right into its design. There are LED lights present on this unit that will let you know the current status of your unit.

What do you need to know about portable generators?

Before you make a buying decision, you must know your requirements whether you are looking for a quiet unit or want a highly portable unit for easy mobility. Maybe you are looking for more connectivity options or power.

No matter what your requirements are, you have to make sure that you go for a unit that comes with safety features like automatic shut-off on low fuel and remote power control so that you can safely use your unit.

What’s the best brand for portable generators?

Overall, Westinghouse is the best brand when it comes to portable generators. But if you are looking for other features like fuel efficiency, noise level, power output, and safety features, go for WEN and Westinghouse.

What’s the best brand for quiet portable generators?

For quiet portable generators, you need to go for the Westinghouse. Because they are some of the quietest on the market, most of these units come with a noise level rating of under 55dB, which is pretty quiet.

What’s the best brand for portable propane generators?

WEN and Generac are considered to be good options when it comes to portable propane generators. These units are pretty fuel-efficient as well.

What’s the best brand for portable gas generators?

The best brand for gas is Champion because it doesn’t make much noise and burns gas pretty efficiently.

What’s the best brand of portable generators for camping?

Again, if you are looking for the best brand of portable generator for camping then WEN, Champion, and Generac are pretty good options for you to consider

What’s the best brand of portable generators for running a house?

You should consider going for SereneLife and Westinghouse portable generators for running in the house because they are ideal for house environments. They don’t make much noise and provide plenty of power to run your house.

What is the best small generator on the market?

If you are looking for a small portable generator, consider going for the SereneLife 155Wh power station. It is pretty compact and doesn’t need gas or liquid propane to run.

What should I look for when buying a generator?

You need to consider the safety features of the generator in the first place. It must come with some low-fuel auto shut-off or remote operation.

It also needs to come with the right surge and running wattage to power all your equipment. Finally, as it is a portable unit, you should consider an integrated handle that makes mobility simple.


There are so many brands out there that you can go for. But if you are looking for reliable performance, then you need to consider the top brands only.

The portable generators from these brands will not only deliver on what they claim, but you will also get the best bang for your buck, even if you have to spend a bit more upfront.

Keep in mind not to go for cheap units and only consider quality because you will be powering a range of different appliances on your unit. Any issue in the circuit might damage your expensive appliances.