How Long Will A Portable Generator Run On Propane?

  • By: Umer.A
  • Date: November 18, 2021
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Yes, you can run the portable generator on propane, but you must be wondering for how long?

The operating time of the generator depends on the load you put on it in terms of running the appliances. An average generator takes around two to three pounds of propane for running the generator in an hour. Generators run for an average of approximately five hours or so if you are using a propane tank of around 20 pounds.

However, several factors play an essential role. For example, how long portable generators will run on propane like brand, load on the generator, fuel source, and much more!

Why Run A Generator On Propane?

The extended power outages at times of snowy storms or rain, severe hurricanes, wildfires, or more can lead to a need for generators. At such times, you need a generator that runs on propane. It can help you get rid of issues like cutting off of electricity and help you run the appliances.

What makes propane a great choice is, you can store it under pressure in liquid form. You can expect your propane generator to run for an hour while using 2-3 propane gallons. The 500-gallon tank can power the home constantly for a week, and if you are using a 1000 propane gallon tank, it can last for around two weeks.

How Long Will I Have Power with Propane?

If you use a 30-pounds propane tank, the generator will run at around 7 hours when powering the half load. The higher the load on your generator, the less will be the run time.

Overall, it depends on the amount of load you put over your generator. There are specific generator models which can run for around 8 hours while using 5 gallons.

Propane Generator Fuel Consumption

Propane generators come with fuel consumption of around 2-3 gallons in an hour of operating. So, if you are using a 500-gallon propane tank, it can completely power the entire house for 24 hours a day for around a week.

How Good Are Propane Generators?

Propane is a source of fuel that is much cleaner, especially at times of burning. This results in lesser emission of carbon monoxide than diesel and gasoline generators.

Propane generators are an excellent choice for people seeking an alternate source of power for running the appliances. However, if you are using propane generators, they result in fewer BTUs productions.

Is It Cheaper To Run A Generator On Propane Or Gas?

Are you wondering which fuel source is best for running the generator in terms of being cheaper? Then, opting for propane is much cheaper than gasoline or diesel generators. It is, however, less dense in terms of energy. So, if you compare the overall running costs of gas and diesel generators with the propane generators for long power outages, then generators with diesel and gas are cost-effective than propane.

Generators that run on propane are comparatively less efficient than gas generators as they produce few BTUs in each gallon of fuel.

However, propane is a clean-burning fuel than gas generators, making it a better choice if you seek an environmentally friendly solution.

Are Propane Generators Quieter Than Gas?

Propane generators are meant to run your generators more cleanly. Moreover, the cost of propane is half of that of the gasoline for each gallon. The propane engines of the generator are therefore comparatively quieter than the gasoline or diesel generators. Plus, they result in less emission of dangerous carbon monoxide.

Does Propane Go Bad?

Fuel sources in the market can deteriorate over time if you store them for longer, like gasoline, diesel, or kerosene. On the other hand, propane does not come with an expiry date, which is why it’s the ideal choice for people who want to keep the fuel for emergency reasons to prepare for extended power outages.

Furthermore, the potency of the propane is also not affected if you are storing it for longer durations. Therefore, the only reason that is concerning while storing propane is that you need to maintain the integrity and health of your propane storage tanks.

How Do I Calculate Propane Usage?

Next up is how to calculate the amount of propane usage. Once you are done investing in propane gas tanks, you must be wondering how to calculate the amount of propane usage. So, divide the propane tank’s entire BTU capacity by the BTU as a whole rating of the appliances, which helps determine the number of hours the propane tank will run for powering the appliances.

How Do You Convert a Gas Generator to Propane?

If you are unable to get your hands on gas pipeline at times of emergencies and wondering how to convert the gas generators into propane, then you should dive in to have a look at the simple steps:

  • Check the warnings.
  • Check the carburetor.
  • Remove any old float along with the needle valve.
  • Now, get rid of its butterfly valve.
  • Get rid of the idle along with the mixture screws or jets.
  • Now, get rid of the jet hole plate covering from the generator.
  • Next up, remove the primer bulb.
  • Lastly, turn the gas generators into propane ones by removing the venturi jet.


Generators are the essential source of lighting up your house or the RV’s and the camping sites. They are ideal for helping you run appliances at power outages, but what to do at times of extended power outages. You need to have different solutions in mind, like converting a generator to gas if out of propane and much more.