What Can A 4000 Watt Generator Handle

  • By: Umer.A
  • Date: October 10, 2021
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Generators are used for backup power when the main power line fails for any reason. Generators have varying output wattages. They can run different appliances at once. You can use a generator to power your refrigerator, home entertainment, etc., whenever required.

But what to do when you have a generator that falls in the medium category. For this, we’ll take an example of a 4,000-watt generator. Then, we’ll use it to give you an estimate of what can a 4,000 watt generator handle.

So, let’s begin.

What Can You Run with A 4000-Watt Generator?

A 4000 watts generator is a powerful generator. It can run almost all the appliances in your home, well, not all at once. You can use it to power heavy machinery at any worksite too. For small offices, you can use it, as long as there isn’t much need for power consumption. So, it is perfect for backup situations when the city’s main power line fails.

It is strong enough to power most of the equipment. You can use a small window AC unit that consumes around 1200 watts when running. A fridge with freezer, coffee maker, steam iron, and many other appliances. But keep in mind these powerful appliances cannot run simultaneously. In addition, it can run a Bench grinder, Hammer drill, Radial arm saw, and a couple of power tools.

How Many Appliances Can You Run Off A 4000-Watt Generator Simultaneously?

The 4000-watt generator can run most of the power-hungry appliances in your home or work sites. But what can it run simultaneously if you need it for multi-purpose needs? To answer this, first, we’ll teach you how to calculate the watt consumption of appliances.

Most of the appliances have their watt consumption mentioned on their body. The input of the appliances is written separately, giving you an idea of how many watts they need. If they don’t have it mentioned on their body, it’s always written on the owner’s manual. Or the box in which the appliance came in. If it isn’t present in any of these, you can contact the manufacturers to ask for the watts.

Once we know the voltages of these appliances, we need to separate the essential appliances from others. Then you need to sum up these wattages. Finally, we’ll give you an example; suppose you’re planning on using these appliances on your generator.

Appliance No of Appliances
Ceiling Fan 3
Tube Light 7
Central AC 1
Television 1
Video Game System 1

From what we found out in manuals or on the boxes of these appliances, we got these estimates.

Appliance Consumption Watts
Ceiling Fan 60 Watts
Tube Light 22 Watts
Central AC 1,500 Watts (2000 Watts Surge)
Television 100 Watts
Video Game System 80 Watts


If we combine all these, we get a total of around 2050 Watts. These appliances can be used on a 4000 Watts generator simultaneously. This is to give you an example of how much they consume. Your total may vary from ours, but the procedure will be the same. With this, you’ll have a good idea of what you can run with your generator simultaneously.

What Situations Are 4000 Watt Generators Good For?

4000 watts of power seems too much, but actually, it’s not. It’s a medium-sized generator that you can use to run the essentials with a few luxury appliances. A 4000 watts generator can be used in many different situations.

For a start, it can be used in hurricane-stricken land. Where the power lines have been disrupted, and you’re looking for a backup supply. This generator can run your refrigerator, oven, and even central AC. If you are bored and want to use your TV for news or shows, it can do that. But the generator is not limited to this. It can run pumps to remove flood waters from your basement, saving you tons of cash.

The generator can be used at a power site too. But since it’s a small generator compared to the commercial generators, it has limited uses there. If you have a day off for most of the workers, and there’s only one worker.

You can use the generator to power one or two tools for him. Make sure you’re not powering too many devices at the same time. You can use the generator for your private office too. Use one or two computers, one AC unit, or a CCTV camera system to keep an eye on everything.

Can A 4000-Watt Generator Run A House?

Yes, a 4000-watt generator can run a house with all its appliances, but there’s a catch. Since this generator is small compared to other generators, you cannot run all devices at once. You’ll have to manage every appliance to use this generator. You can first run the essential appliances and then use others.

Start with the refrigerator and run the freezer until it’s cold. This is to make sure that food items in your refrigerator don’t end up spoiling. Then you can move on to other appliances like the oven and stove to cook food.

If you have laundry, you might want to reduce the extra load. Because the motor in the washing machine has high starting wattages. You can use the lights, as it’s a 4000-watt generator. It can handle a few extra watts from those tube lights.

All in all, the 4000-watt generator is capable of powering almost all the appliances at your home. But it has to be one at a time.

What Kitchen Appliances Can A 4000-Watt Generator Handle?

With the new age of technology, most of our home appliances that used gas now use electricity. As a result, cooking has become a challenge during outages. One has to check whether the generator can power these appliances or if it’ll damage the generator.

That’s why we have made a list of the kitchen appliances that you can use with a 4000-watt generator.

Appliance Watts Consumption Starting Watts
Coffee Maker 1,000 W 0 W
Dishwasher 1,500 W 1,500 W
Electric Oven 2,000 W 0 W
Electric Stove 2,200 W 0 W
Food Blender 450 W 0 W
Fryer 1,100 W 0 W
Refrigerator 800 W 2,000 W
Toaster 900 W 0 W


With this, you get the idea of how much kitchen appliances consume.

What Power Tools Can A 4000-Watt Generator Handle?

The portability of generators allows you to use the generators wherever you want. This will enable you to place the generators even at critical places where the utility power isn’t available.

But the question arises, how many tools can you power on the 4000-watt generator. Well, we can’t know for sure what tools you’ll be using. But to give you an estimate on how much they consume, we’ve prepared the following chart of consumption.

This data is collected from trusted sources, so you can rely on it when preparing an estimate.

Appliance Watt Consumption Starting Watts
Air Compressor (0.5 HP) 1,000 W 2,100 W
Bench Grinder 1,500 W 2,500 W
Charger (For cordless drills) 70 W 70 W
Electric Drill 650 W 1,000 W
Miter Saw 1,700 W 1,800 W
Table Saw 1,600 W 2,400 W
Welder (Electric) 8,000 W 0 W
Flood Light 1,000 W 0 W
Sump Pump 700 W 6,000 W


With this chart, you can guess the generator isn’t powerful enough to power two or three devices. This is because the generator is small compared to other commercial generators. But that doesn’t mean it’s useless in such conditions. It can be used to power a single power tool that is used at a remote location.


Is A 4000-Watt Generator Enough For RV?

Yes, a 4000 Watt generator is more than enough for RVs. Experts inform that even a 3,000-watt generator can power most of the appliances in an RV. If you plan on using the devices, such as an Air conditioner, or microwave, then a 4000-watt generator is enough.

Can A 4000-Watt Generator Run A Fridge?

A fridge has high starting watts of around 2,000 Watts, but the refrigerator consumes 800 watts once it settles. So, a 4,000 Watt generator can handle not even a single fridge but 2 fridges running simultaneously. You’d only have to give it a gap to go through the surge watts.

Will A 4000 Watt Generator Run A Welder?

Welders consume high wattage to melt metals. Their consumption starts from 8,000 watts and so on. So, a 4,000-watt generator cannot run a welder.

Will A 4000 Watt Generator Run An Rv Ac Unit?

Yes, the generator can run An RV AC unit, as they consume up to 2,000 watts when running. But their additional starting watts can be up to 1,300 watts. So, you might want to close other appliances when starting an AC unit.

What Bathroom & Laundry Appliances Can A 4000-Watt Generator Handle?

The 4000 wattage mark in the generator allows it to run most of the bathroom and laundry appliances. In addition, it can handle curling iron, electric shavers, hairdryers, irons, washing machines, and even steam iron. So, you are good to go with these appliances.

What Entertainment Appliances Can A 4000-Watt Generator Handle?

Entertainment appliances don’t consume that much compared to other appliances. And a 4000-watt generator is overkill for these as their consumption rates are below it. So, you can use almost all of these with a generator.


A 4,000-watt generator seems overkill. But if you have an idea of the consumption of the appliances, it falls in the medium category. That’s because it can only power essential devices.

You can use it to keep food in your refrigerator from spoiling or to cook food. It can be used at worksites. But you’ll have to use one tool at a time, as they have high consumptions.

Overall, the 4,000-watt generator is suitable for essential devices, and it can handle itself well enough.