Duromax XP2200EH Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator Review

  • By: James S
  • Date: October 10, 2021
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The DuroMax XP2200EH is a dual fuel portable inverter generator that can run on both gas and propane. Due to its compact design, it is a top choice for camping, tailgating, and RVing. It comes with starting wattage of 2200W and a running wattage of 1800W. You can use it to run different appliances, and it can also power your electronics and devices.

The unit is pretty convenient to carry with a top handle, and you won’t need much assistance in doing so either. With the dual-fuel technology, you have the option of running it on different power sources. This unit is CARB and EPA certified, and you can use it in all 50 states without any restrictions.

  • Convenient to use
  • Lightweight design
  • MX2 technology for maximum power
  • Dual-fuel feature

Portable inverters have their charm; they are lightweight and compact. They don’t make much noise, and you can easily carry them wherever you want. One of such units is the DuroMax XP2200EH, and it has all the features.
DuroMax XP2200EH comes with a dual-fuel feature. You can power it either with gasoline or propane. So, versatility in terms of usability is there right from the word go.

This clean energy-producing quiet model comes with an integrated handle and weighs less than 50 pounds. It’s a good companion on your outdoor trips powering your electronic gadgets and small appliances.This unit also comes with a decent runtime and features surge arrest to protect your circuit and its components from any power fluctuations.It seems to be a pretty good option for recreational use and home. But does it back up all its claims? Read on to find everything about it.

DuroMax XP2200EH Portable Inverter Generator – An Overview

DuroMax inverter generators are a common sight at campgrounds, worksites, and homes. But how does their XP2200EH perform?

If you are looking for a compact model that is lightweight and portable, go for the XP2200EH. It is an excellent option for all types of recreational activities such as camping, RVing, and tailgating.
This unit is equipped with an 80cc 3HP engine. Therefore, it can manage 2200 peak watts and 1800 running watts.

Here’s the best part…

This generator comes with an RV-ready panel, and it also has the parallel capacity to expand your generator capacity.

Now we will find out in-depth details about DuroMax XP2200EH, so keep reading.

  • Portable and lightweight construction
  • Dual-fuel capability
  • Parallel capacity
  • CRAM and EPA certified
  • RV-ready panel
  • Not many power outlets
  • Not that quiet

DuroMax XP2200EH Technical Specifications

The XP2200EH is a quality unit for outdoor use. It comes with an RV-ready panel. So, you can conveniently connect it with your recreational home and start powering your appliances and gadgets.

It features an 80cc engine that can generate a maximum power of 3HP. No wonder this unit is capable of 2200 starting and 1800 running watts. All this power is there even though it is a portable inverter unit.

The XP2200EH can conveniently run small appliances and power a bigger one at a time, but you will have to check the running ability of your appliance before you connect the generator with it.
It runs on dual-fuel technology, so you can either use gasoline or liquid propane to power it. So, there is an option for you. Dual-fuel units are always great because you have more than one way to power them.

But that’s not all!

As this unit is portable, it only weighs around 45 pounds. Therefore, you can conveniently carry it anywhere.

Dual-fuel capacity

You can power it either with gasoline or liquid propane. There are times when you are in an area where one of them is not available. But it doesn’t mean you can’t run your unit. You can go for the available choice and keep powering your stuff off-grid. With the feature, you can camp on different sites regardless of the availability of a particular fuel type.

Lightweight and compact

This unit is lightweight and compact in design. It weighs around 46 pounds, and its dimensions are 20-inch x 11.2-inch x 18-inch. Therefore, you will not have any difficulty when it comes to storing it or placing it in your recreational vehicle.


Being a lightweight and compact unit, the XP2200EH is easy to carry and move from one place to another. This is precisely the reason why it is a top choice for a variety of recreational activities.
When you enjoy the outdoors, you need to have this unit alongside you because you can easily carry it in and out of your recreational vehicle. There is a strong carrying handle that DuroMax has integrated into its design. And being as lightweight as it is, you don’t need any help in lifting it either.

Clean energy with surge protection

As it is an inverter, this unit produces clean energy which is free from any fluctuations. There is surge protection integrated into its motor. Therefore, it can handle any surges on its own. You can conveniently power your sensitive electronic gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Idle control

This generator also features idle control that reduces the motor’s revolutions per minute when sitting idle or not in use. This way, the inverter generator can save fuel and improves fuel efficiency significantly. This feature comes in pretty handy at job sites where most of the power is used intermittently.

Automatic shutoff

The XP2200EH also tends to shut off when it senses that the oil is low automatically. This way, you can take care of itself. It is also a way to alert you regarding its timely maintenance.

Full-featured power panel

The power panel is equipped with various outlets to ensure maximum compatibility. You can use it for multiple applications, including the likes of two 120V GFCI household outlets. So, not only can you use this unit outdoors, but you can also use it in your house.

Emission standards compliant

Arguably the best feature that this unit has is that it is compliant with different emission standards. All generators by DuroMax, including the XP2200EH, are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resources Board (CARB).
They all follow strict guidelines to make sure that all the generator units are environmentally safe to use. It also means that you can use this unit in all American states without any restrictions.

Parallel capability

You can double your energy output by connecting it with another generator with its parallel connection capability. As a result, you can power your much bigger recreational vehicles and even increase your home or job site output as well.

The XP2200EH vs The XP2300iH

DuroMax XP2300iH is similar to the XP2200EH. Still, there are some significant differences.

First of all, the XP2300iH comes with a slightly bigger wattage of 2300W. However, the running watts of both these units are the same at 1800W. So, the XP2300iH requires much more power at the startup but works just like the XP2200EH later on.
At 50% load, the XP2300iH runs half an hour less than what the XP2200EH is capable of. And this is precisely due to the additional power requirement right at the beginning. So, you might be thinking that the XP2300iH puts you at a slight disadvantage.

XP2300iH is much quieter than the XP2200EH, and its noise level is rated at 52dB compared to the 61 dB of XP2200EH. But there is a catch! The XP2300iH comes with a slightly smaller fuel tank capacity, and it weighs more than 10 pounds if you compare it with the XP2200EH.
The only advantage that the XP2300iH has over the XP2200EH is that it doesn’t produce much sound and is significantly quieter. If this is the preferable feature for you, then the XP2300iH is a good choice.

DuroMax XP2200EH vs. Others on the Market

The XP2200EH does a pretty good job if you compare it with other units in the same category. It has a decent runtime with a good fuel tank capacity.

DuroMax XP2200EH vs Pulsar PG2200BiS

The DuroMax XP2200EH compares very well with the Pulsar PG2200BiS, one of the better units in this category. Both the units come with a similar starting and running wattage, but the Pulsar is a couple of pounds lighter than the DuroMax.

So, portability and carrying become even easier with the Pulsar.
Moreover, if you compare the noise levels of both these units, you will notice that the Pulsar is slightly quieter than the DuroMax. But we think that a difference of 1 dB will not matter much, especially in the outdoors.

So, with these features, both these units are pretty much even-steven. However, the Pulsar does come with a slightly smaller fuel tank, and there is almost a negligible difference between the two units.
But the thing is, even with a slightly smaller tank, the Pulsar inverter generator is capable of giving a runtime of a full hour more than the DuroMax at half the load. This is quite an achievement, and this is precisely why the Pulsar PG2200BiS is a better unit than the DuroMax XP2200EH.

DuroMax XP2200EH vs. Buffalo GEN2200DFI

When comparing the DuroMax XP2200EH with the Buffalo GEN2200DFI, you will again notice that there is not much difference between these two. The starting and the running watts of both units are very similar to one another. But the Buffalo weighs a couple of pounds more.

Apart from that, the Buffalo is a couple of decibels quieter than the DuroMax. It’s not going to matter that much outdoors, especially at a distance.
The most significant part of this difference is that the Buffalo can only produce a runtime of up to 6 hours at half load with almost the same fuel tank capacity. This is an hour shorter than what DuroMax can achieve. So, the DuroMax Xp2200EH is a better option than the Buffalo GEN2200DFI.

Why Choose the XP2200EH?

Looking to buy a decent inverter generator that can power multiple sensitive devices and some appliances simultaneously? Here are some key factors of the XP2200EH that allow you to utilize its maximum efficiency:

Power on the move

This unit comes with a starting power of 2200W and a running power of 1800W. It’s a perfect unit for RVing, camping, and tailgating. This unit is an excellent option for recreational activity. But you can also use it in your home and your job site.

Parallel capability

You can connect another unit with this one and double your output according to your requirements. The controls are pretty user-friendly, and you won’t have to go through a lot to add a second unit with it.

Fuel efficiency

Another vivacious associated with this unit is that it comes with a feature called idle control. With this feature, it can reduce its motor power and adjust according to the demands. By doing this, it guarantees better fuel efficiency.

Dual-fuel feature

You get the freedom and flexibility of using two different fuel types. You can run it on both gasoline and liquid propane. Also, you won’t have to limit yourself if the non-availability of any fuel.

Safety feature

This DuraMax model comes with very crucial safety features. There is a special sense on it that allows the generator to shut off if the engine gets too low. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about motor damage even if you forgot about changing its oil. Moreover, this unit comes with surge protection and your unit. But all the appliances and devices you connect with will remain safe from any power fluctuations.

Easy installation and use

XP2200EH generator has a plug-and-play configuration, and you don’t have to be an expert in using it. All the controls are ready for you to use. You have to add the full, turn the unit on, plug the devices in and start using them.

Environmentally friendly

Being environmentally friendly, you can comfortably use it in any campground throughout the US. All the generators by DuroMax come certified by California Air Resources Board as well as Environmental Protection Agency.

Pretty good runtime

It comes with a pretty good run time of up to 7 hours at half load for its category. This is when you run the unit on gasoline. If you are looking to increase its runtime significantly, you should power it with liquid propane, and its runtime will go up to 19 hours, which is quite extraordinary.

Easy to carry and place

Being a portable inverter generator, this unit is undoubtedly lightweight and compact. The unit weighs around 46 pounds. It allows you to easily carry it with the integrated handle that is there right on top of it.
Apart from that, its dimensions make it highly portable as well. It will not take up much space, so you can place it in those tight corners and keep it safe from any unnecessary contact.

Decent fuel capacity

The unit comes with a fuel tank capacity of 1.2 gallons. For this size of the unit, a 1.2-gal tank is pretty good, and you won’t have to deal with many refills. This is partly because of this unit’s fuel efficiency, and idle operation features to reduce unwanted fuel consumption.

Why is the XP2200EH Not a Good Choice?

Going through the positives, you might notice this unit doesn’t come with any negatives, but there are some, and you need to keep them in mind before you finalize your buying decision to avoid any frustration later on.

Not very quiet

Despite being an inverter generator and a portable design, this unit doesn’t come with a reasonable noise level rating. It is rated at 61 dB at half load, which goes up to 63 dB with the increase in load. As a result, this unit is not the quietest out there on the market.

No wheels or casters

If you can easily carry around 50 pounds, this might not even be a thing you need to worry about. But if you are not allowed to carry weights for any medical reason, you will have to go for a unit that comes with any wheels or casters.
This way, you can drag it behind you from one place to another. Sadly, this unit doesn’t come with any wheels or casters, and you have to carry it if you want to move it. Maybe you can ask someone to help you. But if there is no one around, then you have to carry it yourself


The DuroMax XP2200EH is a pretty good unit, and you won’t find many negative points in it. It might be slightly louder or lack wheels or casters, but a unit is a good option for recreational purposes.
This unit comes with multiple outlets and can prevent surges from damaging your devices or appliances. You can also use it in your home or even at a job site conveniently. It comes with dual-fuel capability, and you can also connect it in parallel with another generator to boost your power output.